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Kata XX: Pesona Pak Lawak

31 Jan

Oleh Diyanah Anuar

Diana Danielle

Lima jejaka kaya sense of humour pilihan pelakon, Diana Danielle

1. Johnny Depp.

Watak Captain Jack Sparrow yang dilakonkannya dalam filem Pirates of The Carribean paling berkesan. Depp tidak perlu bercakap banyak, bahasa badannya saja membuatkan kita ketawa. Sifat kelakar pelakon kacak ini memang unik!

2. Nabil Raja Lawak.

Sebelum berlakon bersama Nabil, saya memang penonton setia program Lu Pikirlah Sendiri. Jenaka spontan Nabil menggelikan hati sesiapa saja. Bagi saya, lawak Nabil boleh dikatakan bijak. Ketika menjalani sesi penggambaran filem komedi Kecoh Betul bersama Nabil, saya tak kering gusi melayan lawaknya sepanjang hari!

3. Saiful Apek.

Tengok muka saja boleh membuatkan kita tergelak! Apek sering menampilkan jenaka spontan dan berbeza. Tidak hairanlah jika beliau digelar pelawak nombor 1!

4. Vince Vaughn.

Vaughn tidak kacak tapi karakter lucunya mudah membuatkan orang tertarik. Saya suka lakonannya dalam filem Wedding Crasher dan The Breakup. Lawak Vaughn nampak macho!

5. Jackie Chan.

Aksi kung fu Chan boleh jadi kelakar apatah lagi jika beliau bertutur dalam bahasa Inggeris. Chan sering menampakkan dirinya seolah-olah bodoh tapi sebenarnya pandai. Gaya lakonan komedi Chan memberi warna dalam industri perfileman antarabangsa.

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Oriental Whirl: Wedding Bells In The Air

18 May

Gigi Leung turned 32 recently.

Gigi Leung turned 32 recently.

Who’s hot and in the news these days? So many stars, so limited space. Here’s my pick of the lot, depending on where my online forays take me.

– Hong Kong actors Tony Leung and Carina Lau will finally exchange rings later this year. Lau, 43, broke the news recently during a commercial appearance in the northeast Chinese city of Shenyang.

Taiwan media reported that the pair would officially announce the wedding date at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival. The pair have been dating for close to two decades. The dashing Leung was recently seen in the steamy Lust, Caution.

– If you missed this item in the mainstream Press, here’s a recap. Since March, many online stories have been circulating about the low-key wedding between Hong Kong singer-actor Leon Lai and his girlfriend, model Gaile Lok.

The wedding ceremony was apparently held in the Maldives.

Only a few close friends were invited, with one of them divulging that the couple picked Maldives as they fell in love with the romantic local scenery after visiting the place last year.

According to one report, Leon and Gaile first met a few years ago after she was invited to shoot a promo for his website. But it took a while before they fell in love, the spark ignited by their common interest in, of all things, red wine. Cheers to that!

– Singapore songbird Stefanie Sun was at a Beijing studio recently to record Stand Up, the theme song for a tribute film to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The film titled The One is about China’s first Olympian and will feature four top Chinese-speaking celebrities -Stefanie, Jackie Chan, Lee-Hom Wang and Zhang Ziyi – on its soundtrack.

It’s about sprinter Liu Changchun’s struggle to represent China at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. According to a report, the idea to form a quartet to sing the theme song came from the symbolic combination of four groups of Chinese artistes – Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland and overseas Chinese, as represented by Jackie, Wang, Zhang and Stefanie respectively.

Due to their busy schedules, they will record separately and their voices will be later spliced together in the song. Award-winning musician Shu Nan composed the musical score.

– The One Foundation Project, initiated by Chinese kungfu star Jet Li last year, has raised over 10 million yuan (RM4.5 million) in its first year, and has allocated 2.3 million yuan for relief work.

It donated 100,000 yuan for disaster relief after the Pu’er earthquake in Yunnan province last June, another 100,000 after the Shandong flooding last August, and one million yuan to a youth education programme by the Red Cross Society of China.

– Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai is taking a break from work to look after her brother, who is still recuperating from a serious car accident last year.

She said that besides being a 24-hour sister, she will also be participating in charity work.

Asked about her brother’s condition, she reveals that his recovery will take time, a hint at how serious his injuries are.

– Speaking of Gigi, I can’t help but Google for my long-time dream girl, Gigi Leung even though she has not been in the news lately. The lanky lass turned 32 on March 25. Thirty two? It seemed like only yesterday when this fresh-faced girl burst onto the entertainment scene with her saccharine-sweet hits.

Of course, as many of us know, her reputation took a hit when she got involved with Ekin Cheng. But that’s old-hat.

What raised eyebrows, if you had not read about it, was her metamorphosis into hot babe at Vaness Wu’s not-so-recent concert.

Hong Kong stars have long entertained fans by shocking them at their concerts, especially consummate performers like the late Anita Mui, – with slinky bra top, hot pants and leather boots.

– Korean star Jang Hyuk will be making a cameo appearance in the Japanese drama version of My Sassy Girl. Titled Ryokiteki na Kanojo, it stars Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Tanaka Rena. My Sassy Girl was a big hit when it made its debut in 2001 another Korean actor, Lee Wan, will also be making a cameo appearance.


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Just Sweet Stunts

14 May

Chocolate is a curious title for an action movie. But after two kick-ass gongfu flicks, Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong, Thai director Prachya Pinkaew is probably hoping for this movie to provide more sweet success.

Chocolate’s primary purpose, though, seems to be letting 24-year-old first-time actress “Jija” Yanin Vismistananda showcase her gravity-defying flying kicks and fists of fury. Everything else plot, acting and soundtrack is secondary.

Jija plays Zen, an autistic girl who is the daughter of a Thai mafia boss’ moll and her Japanese yakuza lover Masashi (Abe Hiroshi).

But Zen has a special gift she can emulate gongfu moves by watching Muay Thai fighters and playing video games.

When her mother is diagnosed with cancer, Zen puts her “power” to good use, fighting her way into the seedy underworld to collect debts to raise money for medical fees.

Sure, there’s lots of action, but you’ve probably seen it all before in Jackie Chan movies even the end-of-show “blooper” scenes with Jija performing dangerous stunts. But for that alone, she deserves one star for herself. –

Channel News Asia

Cinema: Funtastic Martial Arts Caper

23 Apr

Chan (left) and Li attempt some acrobatic kung fu.

Chan (left) and Li attempt some acrobatic kung fu.

Directed by Rob Minkoff
Starring Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Angarano, Liu Yifei, Li Bingbing, Collin Chou

THIS is a much anticipated movie because it marks the coming together, for the first time, of two of the world’s most loved and respected martial arts superstars – Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

In fact, the fight sequence alone where the two pit their skills in an all-out battle is well worth the price of the ticket.

You’ll see solid punches, blocks and kicks in graceful yet deadly moves.

The actors have been planning to collaborate for 15 years and missed two opportunities due to technical problems. Now that they have finally done it, it’s a sight to behold.

With two stellar martial arts experts on the set, action choreography by renowned master Yuen Wo Ping, and China’s breathtaking landscapes, Forbidden Kingdom is a veritable visual feast.

The storyline borders on fantasy and touches on several aspects of Chinese legends, like that of the Monkey King, the Eight Immortals, Bride with White Hair and even Chan’s past movies such as The Drunken Master.

Naturally, one wonders how ancient Chinese folk manage to pull off perfect English!

But this is fantasy at its best – with characters, comedy, drama and adventure that viewers will enjoy for the sheer joy it evokes.

This epic tale follows Boston teenager Jason Tripitikas (Michael Angarano) in a strange journey that takes him through ancient China where he faces murderous warriors to save the world – sort of.

Jason is obsessed with movies on Chinese martial arts and his bedroom walls are plastered with striking posters (these are actually classic Shaw Brothers prints depicting movies and stars from the 1960s).

They are also shown in the opening credits, lending a sense of nostalgia for die-hard fans.

Jason frequents a Chinatown pawnshop for cheap DVDs on martial arts and comes upon a staff, said to belong to the Monkey King.

His adventure in China begins when he learns that he is the one prophesied to take the staff to the Monkey King, who has been tricked and turned to stone by the cruel Jade Warlord (Collin Chou).

It’s a perilous journey with numerous attacks from the Warlord’s formidable forces as well as from the Demoness Ni Chang (Li Bingbing).

Jason is fortunate to have a highly skilled “drunk” kung fu master (Jackie Chan) and the Silent Monk (Jet Li) on his side, although it is often torture for the young man as his two mentors try to whip him into shape for what lies ahead.

To his credit, Angarano, who has had no previous martial arts experience, handles himself well in the action sequences and looks authentic in his kung fu stances and when wielding a staff.

There’s also comedy in the form of Golden Sparrow (Liu Yifei), a young girl bent on revenge against the Jade Warlord, and who provides the romantic interest for Jason.

Speaking of fun, Chan gets most of the best one-liners in the movie. Although Li is his usual cool and quiet self as the Silent Monk, he gets to be a little mischievous as the Monkey King, although nowhere near as lively as some portrayals I’ve seen before.


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‘the Warlords’ Dominates Hong Kong Film Awards

14 Apr

HONG KONG: Historical epic “The Warlords” dominated the Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday scooping eight gongs including best film and best actor.

The film, set in wartime 19th century China and with an all-star cast – including Hong Kong heartthrob Andy Lau who missed out to martial arts star Jet Li for best actor – scooped best director for Peter Chan and best film at the glittering ceremony.

“If I had not made a lot of kung fu films, I could have won the best actor award 20 years ago,” the Chinese star Li said in his acceptance speech.

Lau, who was nominated for awards in two separate roles, scooped up the supporting role for his performance in “Protege,” which also won best film editing.

The movie is a crime thriller about an undercover policeman seduced by the lifestyle of his mafia boss, played by Lau.

“(I was) told that if I played this role, I would be respected by the entire film industry,” he said picking up the best supporting actor award.

However, Lau, who is also a singer, missed out on best original song, which went to the theme from “Love is Not All Around.”

The celebrity-mad Hong Kong press pack was out in full force at the red carpet event, as hundreds of screaming fans waved banners and cheered a string of glamorous leading ladies and men as they arrived outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Controversial Second World War Epic “Lust, Caution” from director Ang Lee won the best Asian Film Award.

The film has faced a tough time from mainland censors for its explicit sex scenes and its subject matter of a government that collaborated with the Japanese occupation. Lee was not in Hong Kong to accept the award.

The best actress award went to Siqin Gaowa for her lead role in the quirky “The Postmodern Life of My Aunt,” about a woman in her 60s who falls for an amateur Peking Opera performer, played by megastar Chow Yun-fat.

Prolific director Johnnie To enjoyed a better return than his blank score last year, with his crime flick “Mad Detective” winning best screenplay after drawing plaudits at last year’s Venice film festival.

To also produced “Eye in the Sky” which won best new director for Yau Nai-hoi and best performance by a newcomer for actress Kate Tsui.

The professional achievement award was given to much-loved comic actress Lydia Sum, better known as “Fei Fei” (literally meaning “Fat Fat”) who died from cancer earlier this year.

The lifetime achievement award was presented to Hong Kong movie boss Raymond Chow.

Chow’s Golden Harvest studios helped produce a string of talent from the former British colony, including action star Jackie Chan and martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

Hong Kong enjoys a rich film heritage and became an international movie powerhouse in the 1970s, but it has fallen on tough times in recent years with dwindling box office receipts.

However, its stars still enjoy huge popularity across Asia. – AFP/ac

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Caldecott Royalty Does The Fann-Cy Talk

6 Feb

SINGAPORE: Oh yes, Fann Wong is definitely in the mood for love. “I want that rose! It’s beautiful!” she gushed with excitement.

Then, she added coyly: “Valentine’s Day is coming … ”

Take a hint, Chris. And get your cheque book out.

The rose that has captured the heart of the Princess of MediaCorp is no ordinary flower – it’s really a painting titled Life Like Flower No 1 by renown Chinese artist Feng Zhen Jie, and it costs a whopping S$400,000.

“I’d like to receive that on Valentine’s Day. If not, then never mind,” said the actress, mock sniffing, before breaking into faux evil laughter.

It was 9.45 on a Monday morning when Fann met TODAY for this interview, and she was early. She had, in fact, been up since 5am to prep for her interview on Channel News-Asia’s Prime Time Morning, and it was to be a busy, busy day ahead – more promotional work for her latest movie, Jack Neo’s Ah Long Pte Ltd, followed by rehearsals for MediaCorp TV Channel 8’s Chinese New Year countdown show.

Yet, the actress, who just turned 37 two weekends ago, looked fresh as dew, and not a year older than 30. She looked a million bucks – even with minimal make-up – in a flirty white bareback Loewe dress under a matching white leather jacket.

Clearly in high spirits, Fann was uncharacteristically – for a superstar – candid and open, yakking and joking away without reservation.

“As long as the questions are not too personal, I’m okay with it,” she said, flashing her charming megawatt smile.

We took the opportunity to venture into personal waters and asked her why she seems much more open about her relationship with her actor beau Christopher Lee these days, and she teased: “I’ll kiss him back this year (at the Star Awards)!”

We pushed our luck a little further and asked her what her boyfriend thought of her “fanny-baring” scene in Ah Long Pte Ltd (for which she didn’t think it was “necessary to use my body”, so what you’ll be seeing is her butt double).

She volunteered impishly: “I wanted to pull his leg and tell him that it is going to be my butt just to test his reaction … and to see if he’d recognise that it’s not really my butt.”

My oh my. This is not the kind of talk we were expecting from the notoriously private Caldecott royalty who has starred in Hollywood movies alongside international celebrities like Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson and Maggie Q. But who’s complaining?

Behind that glamorous facade, Fann proved to be a goodie-bag full of surprises. We even found out that she sneaks into local cinemas to watch the occasional movie.

“I do! I just go. I don’t care,” she said.

You just celebrated your 37th birthday two weekends ago. Are you feeling the pressure of growing old in an industry that’s constantly thirsty for youthful beauty?

Is it my 37th? I’ve lost count! Age hasn’t bothered me since I turned 21, when I was really happy. I enjoy being where I am now.

I mean, you don’t want be in your 20s forever. I’d be very afraid if I had to keep doing the same things I did in my 20s. You grow older, you get to know yourself better and you become more confident. And I think it’s wonderful to have young people coming onboard the entertainment scene. New blood is a good boost for a small industry like ours.

So you don’t feel threatened by the so-called “Seven Princesses” of MediaCorp (Fiona Xie, Felicia Chin, Joanne Peh, Jeanette Aw, Rui En, Jesseca Liu and Dawn Yeoh) nipping at your Christian Louboutins?

I look at it very positively. You need a new face to represent every era. Yeah, I think every one of (the princesses) stands a very good chance.

I’m just very lucky as I happened to be in right place at the right time, meeting the right people. So, just three words of advice: ‘Hard work’ and ‘luck’.

Do you see yourself “stepping down” and retiring soon?

Being the free spirit I am, I think I’ll quit as and when there are no more fun and challenging roles left for me to play. Or, when I feel that there is something else that needs me to focus on, I’ll move on. It could happen tomorrow. Much as I love what I do, you never know ῅ passion can go out in a split second giving way to another.

Like family and motherhood, perhaps?

Maybe! I don’t know! Of course I’d like to have children. Ideally, if I can afford it, I would like to have enough children to form a football team!

But at the moment, time just doesn’t allow it. So, I’ll let nature take its course. I think I have ample time before I should start worrying.

As someone who can probably have anything you want, what is one thing you can’t have right now?

That’s not true! I can’t have that beautiful painting by Feng Zhen Jie (Life Like Flower No 1). It costs S$400,000! There’s nothing else I want.

Okay, seriously, I believe in being contented with what you have and being grateful … But I still want that art piece! I am going to steal it! –

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Semangat Atlet Paralimpik

24 Jan

Walaupun kehilangan ramai atlet, pengadil dan jurulatih, namun semua itu bukan halangan kepada rakyat Iraq menyertai Sukan Paralimpik 2008 di Beijing.

PEMAIN tenis paralimpik, Suhair Abdul Amir (kanan) giat menjalani latihan sebagai persediaan ke Sukan Paralimpik 2008 di Beijing, China.

FAKHER AL-JAMALI telah kehilangan sembilan atlet, pengadil dan jurulatih dalam insiden pengebom berani mati dan tembak-menembak oleh radikal Islam dan tentera Amerika syarikat (AS).

Kematian mereka telah menjadikan Sukan Paralimpik 2008 di Beijing, bagi beliau sebagai lebih daripada hanya satu acara sukan.

“Kami akan membawa mesej kasih sayang dan keamanan kepada masyarakat dunia dengan menyatakan bahawa Iraq menyintai kehidupan, keamanan dan ingin hidup dengan aman.

“Kami juga bertekad untuk meneruskan hidup sungguhpun kehilangan abang-abang kami,” kata Fakher, Setiausaha Agung Jawatankuasa Paralimpik Iraq.

Kematian dan ugutan pengeboman, sedikit pun tidak menghentikan langkah 31 atlet mencari arah dari rumah mereka ke pusat latihan di Baghdad untuk sesi latihan sebanyak tiga kali bagi persediaan mereka ke Sukan Paralimpik, yang akan diadakan selepas temasya Sukan Olimpik pada bulan Ogos ini.

Mereka perlu bertahan bukan sahaja terhadap keganasan tetapi juga hidup dalam sebuah komuniti yang menawarkan sedikit, jika ada, perkhidmatan khas untuk mereka yang kurang upaya.

“Saya telah melawat 66 buah negara dan di kesemua negara itu, mereka yang kurang upaya boleh bergerak tanpa bantuan kerana perkhidmatan khas yang disediakan,” kata Fakher.

Tambah beliau, “Malangnya Iraq telah terlibat dalam perang-perang yang bodoh dan mempunyai tiga juta penduduk yang kurang upaya. Peralatan khas yang diperlukan untuk golongan ini amatlah sedikit.”

Fakher berkata, salah seorang atlet yang terbunuh sejak pencerobohan yang diketuai AS pada tahun 2003 ialah Qassem Matar, yang bermain bola gol, satu permainan berpasukan yang telah direka untuk peserta buta.

Beliau berkata, Ibrahim Abdullah yang melatih pasukan bola keranjang berkerusi roda juga telah terbunuh oleh tentera AS.

Pada bulan Julai 2006, Ketua Jawatankuasa Olimpik Iraq ketika itu, Ahmed al-Hadjiya dan kira-kira 30 kakitangan sukan lain telah diculik dari sebuah dewan di Baghdad. Kebanyakan daripada mereka tidak pernah ditemui.

Pada bulan Jun, mayat reput sekurang-kurangnya 13 ahli pasukan taekwondo Iraq telah ditemui selepas lebih setahun mereka diculik di kawasan kuat al-Qaeda, selatan Baghdad.

Semasa hampir lima tahun peperangan dan pertumpahan darah berdasarkan puak, sukan telah menyebabkan rakyat Iraq untuk buat sementara waktu, melupakan perbezaan mereka untuk mewujudkan pasukan bola sepak kebangsaan dalam kempen kejayaan mereka memenangi Piala Asia 2007.

Atlet-atlet paralimpik Iraq juga tidak asing kepada kejayaan – pada temasya paralimpik Athens 2004, dua pengangkat berat telah memenangi pingat perak dan gangsa.

Namun, kekurangan peralatan latihan dan kemudahan telah menyukarkan lagi cabaran yang akan dihadapi di Beijing, kata Fakher.

“Kami tidak mempunyai sebarang bas untuk membawa atlet-atlet ini dari rumah mereka untuk latihan.

“Perenang kami tidak boleh berlatih semasa musim sejak kerana kolam renang akan menjadi sangat sejuk dan kami tidak mempunyai tenaga pemanas,” kata Fakher di pejabatnya yang dihias dengan gambar-gambar dirinya bersama pelakon aksi Hollywood, Jackie Chan dan atlet-atlet Iraq lain.

Pasukan olahraga Iraq berlatih di sebuah taman kecil yang terletak di luar sebuah stadium di Baghdad yang tidak mempunyai trek larian.

“Kami sengsara kerana tidak ada padang untuk kami. Infrastruktur yang diperlukan tidak ada,” kata jurulatih, Karim Mohammed, sambil berdiri di taman berlatarkan bunyi ambulans dan tembakan.

Sungguhpun demikian, dalam sebuah bilik kecil di mana pasukan ping pong berlatih untuk kejohanan yang akan datang itu, kesukaran yang dihadapi gagal mematahkan semangat tinggi di kalangan pemain-pemainnya.

“Di sebalik kesukaran yang kami dan negara ini hadapi, semangat kami tinggi dan diizinkan Tuhan, kami akan mengibar tinggi bendera Iraq,” kata Suhair Abdul-Amir, satu-satunya wanita dalam tiga pasukan kuat ke Beijing. – Reuters