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Don’t Forget Your Lyrics

19 Nov

SINGAPORE : Half a million dollars – that’s how much a forgotten lyric might cost you if you are a contestant on new Channel 5 game show, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”.

Hosted by local celebrity, Gurmit Singh, contestants are required to sing out – karaoke style – the words to fill in the blanks in the song. And if you can keep singing it right for 10 songs, you’ll walk away with S$500,000!

Easy peasy you say? Well, not quite.

“These people who come along thinking they know the song and when the music stops, the lyrics go away, they get stumped!” Gurmit said.

“My theory is this, when people see blanks, dashes, their minds go blank as well.”

Each game consists of three tiers which are divided into nine levels. The difficulty of the challenge increases with each tier and the tiers dictate how many blank lyrics contestants have to remember and sing within a stipulated time.

Contestants have to get every exact lyric correct to pass the stage, and like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, they can get help if they wish to.

Each contestant is entitled to three lifelines also known as “backups” that they can use when they are stuck at any point of the competition. But each backup can only be used once.

“Backup Singer” allows the contestant to bring a friend or family member on stage to help sing the missing lyrics.

If contestants opt for “Two Words”, they can choose any two words they have filled in to check if they are right.

The last, “3 Lines”, allows contestants to pick the correct answer from three multiple choice options.

“Every time you answer correctly, you keep going up (the different levels), higher and higher. But every time you lock in the words and they are wrong, any single word, any single punctuation is wrong, you go to either zero or S$10,000 threshold level,” Gurmit explained.

The game show also features celebrity contestants like MediaCorp actresses Fiona Xie and Jade Seah, characters from Channel 5 sitcoms such as Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh), Sergeant Dollah (Suhaimi Yusof), Adrianna Wow and Barbarella Chanel (both played by Michelle Chong) and even “Singapore Idol” winners Taufik Batisah and Hady Mirza, as well as runner-up Jonathan Leong.

But the one to look out for is actress Andrea Fonseka who is “really good”. “She knows many songs, she’s like a walking encyclopedia,” said Gurmit.

“Don’t Forget the Lyrics” premiered last year in the United States, and Singapore is the 30th country in the world to showcase the popular game show. It premieres Thursday, 27 November, at 8pm on MediaCorp’s Channel 5.

– CNA/km

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Mercy Relief Upbeat Singaporeans Will Continue To Give Generously

10 Aug

SINGAPORE: One of Singapore’s largest humanitarian organisations, Mercy Relief, is optimistic that Singaporeans will continue to give generously.

This is despite the recent scandal affecting Renci Hospital and Medicare Centre, one of the country’s biggest charities.

Following its numerous relief efforts overseas, Mercy Relief is now turning its attention back home.

Mercy Relief received donations worth over US$700,000 from Singaporeans for Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis and Sichuan earthquake disasters. Every cent, it said, went towards the relief efforts in Myanmar and China.

It also said it is confident Singaporeans will continue to be charitable.

T K Udairam, chairman of Mercy Relief, said: “I think the population is able to differentiate between what the money is going for and what some of the leaders are doing a bit out of the way.

“I really think we have not been affected that way, because we have been very clear that every bit of money we have, we give out to charity. So it has not been an issue.”

The organisation also limits each chairman’s term to two two-year periods.

On whether the prosecution of Renci’s former CEO for fraud will make donors wary of giving, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Zainul Abidin Rasheed feels the impact will be short-lived.

He said: “I suspect it will have an effect on Singapore minds… When you have charitable organizations subject to scrutiny and investigations, people will tend to be a bit cautious.

“But we see also, in the case of NKF (National Kidney Foundation), people are now coming round, responding to it – because people know there are a lot of people needing help, needing that touch of mercy, needing that touch of graciousness.”

He was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of Mercy Relief’s latest campaign to promote a more grateful and gracious society in Singapore.

The Senior Minister of State noted it would take some time for Singaporeans to be truly gracious as it is not their second nature.

The campaign features Singapore Idol Hady Mirza as its ambassador.

– CNA/ir

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Singapore Idols Score Trophies At Anugerah Planet Musik Awards

22 Apr

Taufik Batisah and Hady Mirza continued their reign as two of the country’s biggest stars.

Both Singapore Idol winners scored trophies for the Most Popular Act in Singapore category at the Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) awards in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.

Organised by MediaCorp radio stations Ria 89.7FM and Warna 94.2FM, the awards ceremony – now in its eighth year – saw some of the biggest stars in the Malay music scene from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore battle it out at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Though none of the Singaporean acts won regional awards, they were grateful to showcase their talent at the show, which was expected to draw some 160 million television viewers across the region.

Said Taufik: “APM allows us to show that despite being a small market, Singapore has got a lot of talent.”

The 26-year-old winner of the inaugural Singapore Idol in 2004 scored eight nominations the most this year including regional categories such as Most Popular Song, Best Male Artiste and Most Popular Male Artiste.

He ended the night with three awards: Most Popular Act in Singapore, Most Popular Song (Singapore), and Best Act (Singapore). The award for Most Popular Act in Singapore was also shared with his Idol successor Hady and hip-hop act Sleeq.

Local band Cradle’s track Ayu won the Best Song (Singapore) award. The top regional awards were won by Malaysians Siti Nurhaliza (Most Popular Female Artiste), Faizal Tahir (Most Popular Male Artiste), Anuar Zain (Best Male Artiste) and Indonesia’s Kris Dayanti (Best Female Artiste).

A delayed telecast of the show will be broadcast on MediaCorp TV’s Suria channel this Saturday at 9pm. –

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