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Ezann Lee Is The Next Big Thing To Eric Khoo And MediaCorp

30 May

SINGAPORE : Slim, petite, baby-faced and impishly pretty, up-and-coming actress Ezann Lee is blessed with youthful looks that she reckons are assets in show business.

“It’s not so bad because I’ll probably have a longer shelf life,” said the personable 23-year-old MediaCorp artiste. “For now, I treasure this youthful look that I have.”

Having migrated from the now defunct broadcaster, MediaWorks, Ezann’s biggest claim to fame now is not that she’s sexy Ericia Lee’s younger sister, but the fact that she was a lead actress in Eric Khoo’s film ‘Be With Me’.

The movie is expected to open in cinemas worldwide soon after it dazzled audiences and film distributors earlier this month at the Cannes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight programme.

It should open in Singapore in the August-to-October time-frame and perhaps help catapult Ezann into the local A-list of stars.

Currently seen on children’s programme Happy Sunday Kids, Ezann is also in the midst of taping Destiny, an upcoming Channel 8 drama starring Joanne Peh, Ix Shen and Hong Kong hunk Harwick Lau.

She had played a rebellious 14-year-old in a MediaWorks drama and a rebellious 17-year-old junior college student infatuated with another girl in Eric Khoo’s movie. In Destiny, slated for a July opening, she plays a 19-year-old whose love for Lau’s character is unrequited, causing her, again, to be rebellious.

Speaking in English and Mandarin, Lee said she is not like her new television character.

She doesn’t have tattoos, isn’t so bold that she will pursue boys, nor does she embrace a punk image. “It’s quite fun sometimes to act younger,” she said. “But it’s not easy because I have to act hyper in the show, which is not (how I am).”

And lest there be any confusion about reel life and real life, the currently single Ezann is not a lesbian, even if she had to kiss co-star Samantha Tan, who also plays a JC student, in Be With Me.

Khoo had cast her after her stint on his The Seventh Month mini-series last year, giving her a part that was tough because of its exploration of a girl-girl relationship and its paucity of dialogue.

“I felt it would be a challenge when Eric told me it was a lesbian role,” said Ezann, a former St Anthony’s Convent and Serangoon JC student who’d observed same-sex relationships first-hand.

“I feel it’s a very open thing in this society.”

To prepare for their on-screen kiss, Ezann and Samantha, 21, went drinking to know each other better and puckered up for a trial run. “It was quite awkward because I had never kissed a girl before,” said Ezann, sounding slightly abashed.

“(At first), we both looked at each other and laughed. After I kissed her, I collapsed onto the sofa,” she recalled.

“After that, it was very cool, very natural.”

Ezann, who said her family was supportive of her showbiz career, said she would try more daring roles if these didn’t require her to go further than kissing another girl.

But, she would stop short of doing sexy photo shoots, unlike her 27-year-old sister Ericia – who was the sultry bikini-clad cover girl of Citta Bella this month – and several local female artistes.

“She’s very sexy right?” the self-proclaimed tomboy said gleefully. “Is it too sexy? I have a different image.”

A lover of the outdoors who was into water sports before her acting duties meant she couldn’t get too tanned, Lee said her sister is more of an outgoing clubber-type than she is.

Now that she has been an artiste for nearly a year, Ezann said boys have been approaching her.

“They come up and ask if they know me from somewhere,” she said. “I guess they just find me very familiar-looking.”

In the next few months, as Ezann’s star rises, it won’t just be the boys who feel that way. –

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