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War Heroes Come Alive

31 Jul

(From left) Jalaluddin Hassan, Raja Farah and Hairina Halim.

(From left) Jalaluddin Hassan, Raja Farah and Hairina Halim.

Despite commendable performances from the actors, war-time play Patriot lacks emotional depth, writes DENNIS CHUA.

Syukor Ibrahim as Yahya.
Syukor Ibrahim as Yahya.

IN conjunction with Warriors’ Day and National Day this month, Istana Budaya presents Patriot from July 29 to Aug 3.

Written by Rahman Adam and Lokman Ghani with Datuk Suhaimi Mohamad Zain (Pak Ngah) as music director and Rahman as director, Patriot has familiar traces of war films such as Bukit Kepong and Leftenan Adnan in its storyline.

Sadly, it lacks emotional depth, becomes too predictable and comes across like a rehash of all-too-familiar television dramas and films.

Coincidentally, its lead actor Syukor Ibrahim (who alternates the protagonist’s role with Lokman’s nephew Ashraf Muslim) even resembles Hairie Othman of Leftenan Adnan fame.

Patriot is set in the 1940s, shortly after the return of the British to Malaya following the Japanese surrender.

It is about Leftenan Yahya, a courageous and dedicated soldier who is willing to sacrifice his life in the line of duty.

He is one of the Malay Regiment’s best recruits and has even seen action in World War Two as a private.

Beneath Yahya’s steely facade lies a sensitive man nursing a broken heart.

The love of his life, Sapura (Raja Farah of Anak Halal and Apa Kata Hati fame) is engaged to her vain, playboy cousin Zul (Sarawakian actor Mahmud Ali Basha).

While Sapura’s father (Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan) acknowledges her friendship with Yahya, he fears that the lieutenant will not bring her happiness as she might “end up widowed too soon”.

He reasons that Zul, an ex-schoolteacher and anti-colonial activist, is a far superior choice as he is articulate and “has a future” once the country becomes independent of British rule.

Sapura tells her parents that she will only find happiness with Yahya whom she has known for a long time.

Yahya, who cares deeply about Sapura and her family’s best interests, tells her to leave him.

He goes into action with the boys in green, fighting a menace much bigger than the Japanese – the Communist Party of Malaya which has a major kampung mole in none other than Zul.

There is poor chemistry between Syukor’s Yahya and Raja Farah’s Sapura, even though both do a fairly decent job as newcomers to theatre.

Newcomer Ashraf fares slightly better than Syukor in terms of chemistry with Raja Farah who proves that she can carry a tune, albeit with a “strong army” of back-up vocalists.

Mahmud is memorable as the villainous Zul, whose loud voice spells arrogance and pride throughout the play.

Jalaluddin, typecast as the VIP or headman in many a television series and film, virtually reprises his “judgemental parent” role, common in his Cerekarama appearances.

The supporting cast stood out, most notably funnymen Zaibo, Roscha and Rosli Rahman, who play village musicians and family friends of Yahya, and Akademi Fantasia 6’s Hairina (Mama Rina) Halim who plays Yahya’s doting mother.

Notable “sex-siren” of television Ziela Bakarin also gives a commendable performance as Som, Zul’s on-off girlfriend and the village femme fatale, while stage and film veteran Baharudin Omar is excellent as the village’s dignified martial arts instructor-turned-independence fighter.

Zek Taipan (Zul Isa), who often plays the enemy in combat, also does well as the Communist chief.

He steps back in familiar waters – reprising his role in the film Paloh.

However, it is unfortunate that a character representing the Malaysian Indian community, Muthu (played by P. Jeganathan), is typecast as a jovial “milkman”.

Maybe it’s time for some theatre practitioners to put such ethnic stereotypes to rest!

The costumes of the soldiers, including that of the Japanese and the Communists, look authentic enough.

Props could have been improved further to include a Bintang Tiga flag in the Communists’ jungle camp, while Zul would be better off in clunky spectacles popular with teachers of those days.

There are memorable moments in the play, which include the march of the Malay Regiment, the sound effects during battle scenes and the climatic finale where Yahya fights the Reds on a raised platform above Zul’s wedding scene.

Kudos to Istana Budaya for highlighting the country’s top-ranked war heroes in a brief film clip at the play’s end. That was far more moving than the play itself.


New Straits Times

Surprise That Rocked Rocker

29 Jul

The veteran rocker proved that he still has the magic to sizzle his audience.

The veteran rocker proved that he still has the magic to sizzle his audience.

‘Cool’ is his second name but last weekend, Amy Search was almost in tears. HAFIDAH SAMAT fills you in.

The showbiz movers and shakers who attended the event were (from left) composer Johari Teh, concert promoter Ali Bakar, singer Rahim Maarof and M. Nasir.
The showbiz movers and shakers who attended the event were (from left) composer Johari Teh, concert promoter Ali Bakar, singer Rahim Maarof and M. Nasir.

A heartwarming sight - Amy kisses daughter Nabila's cheek, with Norish all smiles in the background.
A heartwarming sight – Amy kisses daughter Nabila’s cheek, with Norish all smiles in the background.

Amy's family members (from left) Kat, Nabila and Norish rendering the haunting Isabella.
Amy’s family members (from left) Kat, Nabila and Norish rendering the haunting Isabella.

IT was an unforgettable Sunday evening. Amy, the lead vocalist of rock outfit Search, turned 50 on Monday. As expected, there was much fanfare.

The award-winning singer was overwhelmed with joy when his family surprised him with a birthday bash at the Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts in Kuala Lumpur.

The elegant party was attended by some 220 of the singer’s family, relatives and close friends. The guests came from far and wide to join in the fun.

Spotted in the crowd were Amy’s daughter, the actress Nabila Huda; AirAsia Berhad chairman and former Search manager Datuk Aziz Bakar and wife Datin Norma Norell; and singer-composer-film director M.Nasir and wife Marlia Musa.

There were also the much celebrated songwriter-actor Bob Lokman (who was responsible for the band’s legendary tune Isabella), Search members, rock outfit Lefthanded’s vocalist Nash,Joe and Eddie of Black of Wings and former reality talent show Akademi Fantasia 6 principal, Ramli MS.

It was heartening to see some of Amy’s orang kampung too, from his hometown Bakar Batu in Johor Baru.

Fashion designer Albert King, who was accompanied by stylist Izatt Shariff, was seen chatting and joking with some of the members of the Press.

Despite her super-tight schedule, Amy’s wife-cum-personal assistant Norish Hassan, who had masterminded the party for three weeks, had discreetly called up his relatives and friends.

Details had been worked out carefully: from the attendees and the food, to decor and the evening’s programme.

The ballroom received the touch of wedding organiser Pak Abu.

The entrance was transformed into a little fairy tale garden and the setting done in earthy tones. Sheer chiffon curtains added a touch of romance.

The interior of the ballroom was an exquisite ivory hue with a gorgeously decorated head table. Tall arrangements of fresh red roses and small lanterns formed the centrepieces of each table.

The dining tables were labelled after some of Search’s greatest hits including Isabella, Seroja, Rozana, Meniti Titian Usang, Mentari Di Ufuk Timur and Isi Dan Kulit. How nostalgic!

Two gigantic screens were mounted at both sides of the room for guests to enjoy a video presentation of Amy’s illustrious career in the music industry.

“It was no walk in the park to organise the party. The days leading up to the evening were nerve-wracking, as Amy got suspicious about my late night outings,” said the tudung-clad Norish, laughing.

“Nabila even joked that I’d be grounded by Amy if I stayed out more. Oh, how I prayed that everything would turn out memorable,” she added.

Well, Norish, it was certainly worth the effort! It was touching to witness the well-wishers who came clad in their party best congregating to celebrate the legendary rocker’s landmark birthday in style!

Norish recalled a funny little “drama” which unfolded at their home a few hours before the party.

Amy was reported to have become upset at his family when he noticed that they were getting restless… Amy had only been told that he was to attend a corporate event later.

“Nabila, myself and the kids were ready to leave to make the final preparations and there he was nagging at us. So we stayed back and pretended nothing was happening,” said Norish, smiling.

The guests were warned beforehand that Amy had no inkling of the party for him. Everyone was to surprise him with the birthday song.

The evening’s entertainment kicked off at 9pm. Amy performed the melancholic Saat Ku Idamkan, from his solo album Magik which was released in 1994.

Just as he was about to break into the second song, the house lights came on and confetti dropped from the air. This was followed by the joyous birthday song and applause.

Amy was clearly shocked. He took a few seconds to compose himself.

“I’ve never celebrated my birthday before. This is so touching. I’m grateful to Allah for my long music career.

“I’ve a supportive family and friends who have supported Search through the years,” he added.

Amy said that his life has come full circle.

After 27 years in showbiz, he only hoped for good health and another child!

“I’ve achieved some of my dreams and my greatest moment was Search’s tour in Indonesia back in the 1980s. I still get goosebumps thinking about the historic moments.

“Of course, if Allah permits, I don’t mind having another child,” he said, laughing.

(Amy has three children – Nabila, 24, Alexander Zulkarnain, 4 and Sania Samara, two).

The evening also included a series of performances by his friends.

Hattan came on stage and rocked the house with his rendition of Dia, Man Bai rendered his signature Kau Ilhamku, and former Malaysian Idol contestant Fazli Zainal performed Suatu Masa.

The highlight came when Nabila, Norish and his sister-in-law, singer Kat, came on stage and performed Isabella.

Amy was all smiles, enjoying the small family performance on stage.

“He’s my hero. He knows best and I’ve learnt a lot from him”, said Nabila, as she playfully kissed her father on the cheeks. Amy looked dashing and spunky in a linen gold suit.

Asked about his plans, Amy stressed that he wasn’t planning to retire.

“I want to continue performing. It’s heartening when you still sizzle for your fans, especially the younger generation,” he said.

Oh yes, did we mention that amongst the more expensive gifts Amy received was a bungalow worth RM2.5 million in Shah Alam, courtesy of an undisclosed close friend?

Here’s wishing you, Amy, a Happy 50th Birthday!


New Straits Times

Apabila Nubhan Lupa Lirik

17 Jun


ADUH! Kasihan Marilyn tengok bintang program realiti Akademi Fantasia 6 (AF6), Nubhan membuat persembahan live baru-baru ini.

Masa penonton tengah layan lagu yang dinyanyikannya, Mungkin Nanti oleh Peterpan, tiba-tiba Nubhan terlupa lirik! Tak fasal-fasal orang ramai ‘boo’ kat dia.

Ingatkan dia nak sambunglah nyanyiannya untuk tutup balik kesilapan, tapi tidak. Dia malu dan terus turun pentas. Janganlah macam tu Nubhan.

Tapi yang penting, walaupun lupa lirik, ‘suara angsa’nya langsung tak keluar tau. Jadi satu pujian harus diberikan kepadanya.

Tak apa dik, itu baru permulaan. Biasalah, Siti Nurhaliza pun pernah terkantoi masa awal-awal menyanyi dulu, tetapi lihatlah sekarang, ‘meletup’ gitu.

Marilyn: Anggaplah kesilapan itu sebagai pengajaran.


Nadia Jawab Isu Gedik, Riz Bersyukur

25 May

Teks oleh Haswari Ali

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 MEI 2008: Bermacam pertanyaan diajukan pihak media kepada semua finalis Akademi Fantasia 6 (AF6) pada sidang media larut malam yang diadakan di Bilik VIP, Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, malam tadi.

Kelima-lima finalis itu kelihatan ceria, tersenyum dan ada masanya terpaku mendengar sesi soal jawab itu walaupun hakikatnya tubuh mereka sudah lesu sesudah bertarung selama 3 jam di pentas. Antara yang banyak disoal adalah Stacy dan Nadia.

Apa yang pasti kesemua graduan AF6 itu akan mengenang saat manis beraksi di stadium itu buat selama-lamanya.

Stacy – Juara

Media: Sejauh manakah pengalaman Stacy ketika menyertai program GangStarz banyak membantu anda sehingga berjaya dalam AF6?

Stacy: Pengalaman di sana banyak membantu saya untuk bekerjasama dalam sebuah kumpulan. Juga cara berhadapan dengan penonton dan kawal gementar.

Media: Adakah Stacy sudah menjangkakan akan menjadi juara?
Stacy: Saya tak pernah bermimpi untuk bergelar juara. Kerana bagi saya, pesanan cikgu-cikgu dalam AF selalu menjadikan saya seorang yang tidak cepat berpuas hati. Saya selalu ingat ada orang yang lebih hebat dari kita di luar sana.

Media: Selepas Mila bergelar juara wanita AF, sekarang giliran Stacy pula. Adakah Stacy merasakan Stacy saingan Mila?

Stacy: Dari segi nyanyian ia merupakan satu saingan yang besar. Tapi itu kan saingan secara sihat dan positif…

Media: Kehebatan seperti mana yang Stacy mahukan?
Stacy: Saya mahu jadi penyanyi yang versatile. Saya bukan saja suka menyanyi tapi juga minat menari. Itulah kepuasan saya apabila di pentas.

Riz – Naib Juara

Media: Tidakkah Riz merasa kesal meninggalkan kumpulan EqualStars dulu?

Riz: Sebenarnya kumpulan itu sudahpun dibubarkan. Kalau Riz mahu kekal bersama mereka, takkanlah Riz datang ujibakat menyertai AF6.

Media: Adakah dengan menduduki tempat kedua Riz kecewa dan merasakan kalah di tangan Stacy?
Riz: Riz tak rasa begitu. Ini semua adalah rezeki yang Tuhan berikan. Malah Riz tetap bersyukur dapat tempat kedua. Mulai sekarang Riz akan terus berusaha untuk memajukan diri dalam bidang seni.

Nubhan – Pemenang Ketiga

Media: Adakah Nubhan merasakan yang Nubhan layak menyandang tempat ke-3?
Nubhan: Saya sudah cuba melakukan yang terbaik dan memberikan sepenuh tenaga dalam diri saya. Lagipun semua keputusan di adalah di tangan pengundi AF.

Toi – Pemenang Keempat

Media: Sebagai peserta yang dah berumah tangga, bagaimana Toi rasa?
Toi: Ada masanya saya rasa berat untuk meneruskan perjuangan dalam AF tapi memikirkan ini peluang keemasan, saya tidak mahu mensia-siakannya.

Media: Adakah anda rasa anda layak dinobatkan tempat keempat?
Toi: Saya tahu saingan semuanya hebat-hebat belaka, jadi masuk final pun dah kira OK.

Nadia – Pemenang Kelima

Media: Adakah Nadia berpuas hati dengan keputusan ini kerana dilihat setiap minggu Nadia berhempas pulas?
Nadia: Nadia tak meletakkan sebarang harapan. Nadia redha kerana Nadia sudah buat yang terbaik. Sudah masuk ke final pun Nadia bersyukur kerana Nadia tahu susah payah untuk capai tahap ini.

Media: Pernahkah Nadia merasakan kurangnya orang mengundi Nadia kerana faktor kenegerian?
Nadia: Tidak, semua itu adalah soal rezeki. Tak semestinya penonton Kuala Lumpur tidak boleh mengundi Stacy dari Sabah dan begitulah sebaliknya. Ini semua sudah ditentukan Tuhan.

Media: Adakah Nadia merasakan 2 lagu rancak yang diberikan kepada Nadia menjadi faktor kekalahan Nadia?
Nadia: Nadia menerima tugasan yang diberikan dengan sepenuh hati dan Nadia dah cuba yang terbaik. Nadia tak rasa 2 lagu rancak itu membuatkan Nadia menduduki tempat ke-5.

Media: Isu gedik dan kemesraan dengan Riz mungkin membuatkan orang meluat untuk mengundi Nadia?

Nadia: Semua itu berlaku semasa Nadia dalam akademi. Nadia tak pernah terfikir nak hipokrit dan Nadia sendiri tak pernah tengok Diari AF atau apa-apa program yang ditayangkan. Nadia akui ada kalanya Nadia playful (main-main) sewaktu berada dalam AF tetapi Nadia tetap serius memikul tanggung jawab yang diberikan.


Apa Kes Hujan

25 May


DIVA sudah tak tahu nak kata apa lagi dengan kumpulan Hujan. Diva rasa media dah banyak kali bagi peluang. Maklumlah mereka telah mencetuskan revolusi muzik tempatan yang bermutu. Malangnya, sikap mereka tak pernah berubah.

Baru-baru ini Hujan telah membangkitkan kemarahan RTM apabila menolak untuk membawakan lagu kumpulan Sofaz dalam satu persembahan kerana mendakwa mereka ‘tak main lagu orang’.

Kerana insiden ‘menegakkan pendirian’ itu, RTM tidak jadi mengundang mereka, sebaliknya mengambil kumpulan 6ixth Sense sebagai pengganti.

Belum reda lagi isu tersebut, Hujan sekali lagi membikin hati orang industri menggelegak apabila meminta bayaran dan hak cipta daripada pihak Astro selepas pengetua Akademi Fantasia 6 (AF6), Ramli MS mahu menggunakan lagu mereka, Bila Aku Sudah Tiada untuk konsert final yang berlangsung semalam.

“Nak minta copyright daripada kami bermaksud mereka tak mendaftar di MACP. Habis radio main lagu mereka ada copyright? Kalau nak bercakap atau punya pendirian pun biarlah bertempat. Guna minda bila bercakap, bukan guna hati,” komen Ramli tentang sikap Hujan.

Tambah Ramli lagi, macam mana band-band seperti mereka nak maju kalau terus attitude dan tak menghargai bila orang lain menghargai mereka.

Diva: Orang tamak selalu rugi, macam anjing dengan bayang-bayang.

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Bila Jimmy Jatuh Cinta

14 May


KERETA yang ditaja ini akan menjadi milik peribadi Jimmy tidak lama lagi.

PENGALAMAN memandu kereta jenama mewah di jalanan sebelum ini tidak membuatkan pengacara Trek Selebriti, Jimmy Shanley terus memperkecilkan kemampuan mobil medium yang menjadi pilihan golongan pertengahan.

Bagi anak kelahiran Ipoh, Perak ini, dia hanya mementingkan keselesaan. Memang jenis kenderaan import dianggap status dan memperlihatkan aura si pemiliknya, tapi minat dan cita rasa orang boleh berubah-ubah.

Umum mengetahui, mobil mewah biasanya mengangkut graduan bidang Pentadbiran Perniagaan di Chartered Institute of Transport United Kingdom ini ke mana-mana sahaja, apatah lagi tugasnya sebagai ahli perniagaan memerlukan dia ke merata tempat bertemu klien.

Begitu pun, Jimmy Shanley Norjahan Saleh atau lebih dikenali sebagai Jimmy mengakui cukup seronok dapat memandu kereta pacuan empat roda Hyundai Santa Fe V6 tajaan Hyundai yang digunakan sepanjang pelayaran Akademi Fantasia 6 (AF6) bermula awal Mac lalu.

“Ibarat jatuh cinta pandang pertama,” kata Jimmy ringkas semasa ditemui dalam sesi fotografi Ini Mobilku yang berlangsung di sekitar Pusat Penyiaran Astro baru-baru ini.

Hyundai Santa Fe selesaTerdapat persoalan yang bersarang di hati, apakah Jimmy selesa memandu kereta Hyundai sementelah tangannya terbiasa memegang stereng kereta buatan antarabangsa?

“Hyundai Santa Fe ini selesa sangat. Dulu saya tengok memang tak suka, tapi sekarang pemikiran saya mulai berubah,” tutur Jimmy tulus.

Sambung jejaka berusia 28 tahun ini, dia mengkhabarkan berita mendapat tajaan kereta tersebut kepada abangnya, malah bibir Jimmy tidak henti-henti menceritakan pelbagai kehebatan tentang kenderaan itu.

“Saya beritahu abang mengenai keunikan Hyundai Santa Fe, namun tidak lama kemudian abang ambil keputusan membeli kereta itu bagi kegunaan syarikat.

“Lagipun barang gantian kereta ini senang nak cari, tiada masalah langsung sebab jenamanya pun dah mendapat kepercayaan pengguna.

“Ia juga tidak terlalu tekankan ciri teknologi yang terlampau canggih hinggakan kita sendiri pun pening kepala.

“Ia benar-benar mesra pengguna. Saya tak terkejut kalau lepas ini ramai yang akan beli Hyundai Santa Fe,” jelasnya panjang lebar berkaitan personaliti kereta itu.

Kenangan di kampung SaidaBak ada kebenarannya, mata anak kacukan Melayu-Australia ini terus bercahaya tatkala berborak lebih lanjut mengenai kenderaan berharga kira-kira RM160,000 itu.

“Walaupun Hyundai Santa Fe ini lebih terarah kepada kereta keluarga, namun saya tak kisah. Asalkan kondisinya luas dan lebar, ia sudah menggembirakan hati saya.

“Sepanjang dua bulan memandu kenderaan ini ke seluruh Malaysia termasuklah sekitar Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pinang, Johor, Perak dan Pahang, saya dapati minyaknya juga menjimatkan.

“Pengalaman ke merata negeri itulah yang tak dapat saya lupakan. Hyundai Santa Fe ini miliki banyak ceritanya tersendiri.

“Saya gunakan kereta ini sambil membawa bekas pelajar AF6 pulang ke kampung halaman masing-masing menerusi program Trek Selebriti yang saya kendalikan.

“Kenangan yang paling tak dapat saya lupakan sewaktu pergi ke kampung kakak Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Saida yang terletak di Kuala Lipis, Pahang baru-baru ini.

“Itulah saat yang paling saya ingat dalam fikiran,” ungkap Jimmy yang dilahirkan pada 13 Julai 1980 berterus-terang.

Pandai ‘baiki’ keretaGolongan lelaki biasanya dikaitkan memiliki kemahiran membaiki kenderaan. Bukan sekadar tahu memandu di atas jalan raya dengan penuh gaya.

Selok-belok dan ‘jiwa’ kenderaan mereka seharusnya perlu difahami dengan mendalam andainya terdapat sebarang kemungkinan yang menimpa ke atas mobil itu.

Jimmy dengan sepenuh keyakinan memberitahu, dia pandai membaiki kenderaan jika keretanya mengalami sebarang masalah dan kerosakan.

“Saya paling pandai telefon mekanik. Itulah yang saya tahu,” pintas Jimmy berseloroh memecah keheningan petang itu.

Sambung Jimmy yang baru sahaja memakai pendakap gigi, nombor-nombor telefon bengkel baiki kenderaan ada dalam simpanannya bagi melicinkan urusan kalau mobilnya ditimpa ‘bencana’.

“Pernah pandu kereta yang tiada tayar simpanan sebelum ini dan akibatnya saya kena keluarkan banyak duit untuk panggil kereta penunda.

“Saya tak nak perkara sama berulang,” ujar Jimmy yang gemar mendengar lagu dendangan Estranged tatkala memandu.

Tiada masa ubah suai keretaKesibukan kerja mengendalikan syarikat milik keluarga dan komitmen sebagai pengacara dan penyampai Radio Era membuatkan Jimmy terpaksa memendamkan minat mengubah suai kereta.

“Dulu saya memang suka ubah suai kereta, tetapi sejak kebelakangan ini hobi itu dah hilang sedikit demi sedikit.

“Dengan jadual yang padat dan sentiasa penuh, mana mungkin saya nak habiskan masa mengindahkan kereta.

“Kini saya mengamalkan prinsip asalkan kereta boleh jalan, bergerak dan dapat mengangkut saya ke tempat yang ingin dituju, ia dah mencukupi.

“Tiada istilah nak bikin-bikin kereta sekarang ini. Saya cuma harapkan dapat sampai ke sesuatu destinasi dengan cepat dan selamat,” jawab Jimmy yang gemar membasuh mobilnya di kedai mencuci kereta.

Sebelum mengakhiri pertemuan, Jimmy memberitahu penulis dia akan membeli kereta tajaan Hyundai dengan rona perak itu selepas kontrak tamat tidak lama lagi.

Begitulah penangannya bila Jimmy sudah jatuh cinta.

“Saya akan beli Hyundai Santa Fe ini. Dah selesa dan serasi dengan kenderaan itu. Rasa sayang pula nak lepaskan ‘dia’ pergi ,” akui Jimmy yang mengimpikan Ferrari Modena 360 menjadi milik mutlaknya suatu hari nanti.

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Batik Bold And Beautiful

27 Mar

Fauziah Ahmad Daud (left) and Raja Azura.

Fauziah Ahmad Daud (left) and Raja Azura.

The red carpet is all set to be rolled out this Sunday for the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2007. DENNIS CHUA has details of the event regarded as among the most prestigious by local entertainers.

THE Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands is set to host the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2007 (ABPBH 2007), an annual award show at which leading Bahasa Malaysia daily Berita Harian honours the nation’s most popular entertainers.

The 21st ABPBH will be carried “live” on Sunday at 9pm over TV3 and on official radio station Hot FM. Zany television personalities actors Fauziah “Ogy” Ahmad Daud and Raja Azura, will be emcees once again. Coincidentally, Ogy and Azura are in the running for Most Popular Female Television Host.

Batik Glam is the dress code this year, and viewers can expect the celebrities to walk down the red carpet dressed in innovative batik creations.

The suits and dresses will be the handiwork of both veterans and newbies in fashion design including Bill Keith, Jovian Mandagie, Khairy Sufi, Michael Shu, Rizman Ruzaimi and Kenny Loh.

Awards presenters will include Akademi Fantasia host AC Mizal, Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Datuk Yusni Hamid, Erra Fazira, Hans Isaac, Diana Danielle, Iqram Dinzly, Sharifah Aleya, Fauziah Latiff, Ning Baizura, Sharifah Shahira, Nora Danish, Nurul, Estranged, Rashidi Ishak, Noryn Aziz, Anne Ngasri and Rozita Che Wan.

The reigning Most Popular Male Artiste Asmawi “Mawi” Ani and his female counterpart Datuk Siti Nurhaliza will be among the performers on Sunday evening.

Joining them are rock king Amy Search, Anuar Zain, Raja Atilia, Awie, Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan, Ella, Fasha Sandha, Liza Hanim, Meet Uncle Hussain, Ramli Sarip, Julia Ziegler, Dynas Mokhtar, Hattan, Heliza Helmi, Fouziah Gous and Bob Usop. Popular actor Jalaluddin will present his first vocal performance before a live audience.

Akademi Fantasia 6 principal Ramli MS is the event’s music director, and will lead a 40-member team of musicians.

Artistes will also pay a musical tribute to the late songwriter and actor Rosli Khamis or Loloq, who died early this year after a long illness.

Mawi has won the Most Popular Artiste title for two consecutive years. Siti won the title six times, and has been the Most Popular Female Artiste since 1996.

At last year’s event, pop king Jamal Abdillah and Mawi shared the Popular Group/Duo award. Halim Othman and Linda Onn were the Popular Male and Female Radio Presenters respectively. Linda of Era. FM has never lost in her category (which was introduced in 2001).

Rabbani defended its five-year monopoly of the Popular Nasyid Group category, effectively shutting out long-time competitor Raihan, which clinched the title during its first two years — 1999 and 2000.

Top-notch actor Rosyam Nor won the Popular TV Actor award, which he first received in 2002, and king of comedy Saiful Azam Yusoff (or Saiful Apek) took home the Popular Film Actor category.

Former Akademi Fantasia host Aznil Nawawi and Melodi host Fara Fauzana bagged the Popular Male and Female TV Presenter awards, while Apek and Apa Apa Aje host Sheila Rusly took home the Popular Male and Female Comedian awards.

The Popular New Male Artiste was Faizal Ramly, and the Popular New Female Artiste was Farawahida. Fasha Sandha won the Popular TV Actress and Popular Film Actress awards.

The legends of screen and song honoured were director Datuk Jamil Sulong, “pop yeh yeh” master Jefrydin and veteran actress Datin Umi Kalthom. They received the Special Lifetime Achievement Award (Jamil) and Special Veteran Artiste Awards (Jefrydin and Umi Kalthom).

The most coveted award, Most Popular Artiste, will win the recipient this year a Peugeot 407 worth RM185,000, jewellery worth RM150,000, and electric goods from JVC.

The event’s main sponsors are Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd and Nasim Sdn Bhd. The other sponsors are JVC Sales and Services, the Palace of the Golden Horses and Mara Liner.

Nominees for 2007

Popular TV Host (Male)
1. AC Mizal
2. Ally Iskandar
3. Aznil Nawawi
4. Azwan Ali
5. Wahid Mohamad

Popular TV Host (Female)
1. Cheryl Samad
2. Fara Fauzana
3. Fauziah Ahmad Daud
4. Raja Azura
5. Sharifah Shahira

Popular Radio Presenter (Male)
1. Aznil Nawawi (Era FM)
2. AC Mizal (Era FM)
3. Faizal Ismail (Hot FM)
4. Khairil Rashid (Sinar FM)
5. Kieran (Era FM)

Popular Radio Presenter (Female)
1. Abby Fana (Sinar FM)
2. Fara Fauzana (Hot FM)
3. Linda Onn (Era FM)
4. Nana Mahazan (Era FM)
5. Nila Kurnia (Sinar FM)

Popular Comedian (Male)
1. Afdlin Shauki
2. AC Mizal
3. Saiful Apek
4. Piee
5. Zul Yahya

Popular Comedian (Female)
1. Adibah Noor
2. Kenchana Devi
3. Raja Azura
4. Sharifah Shahira
5. Sheila Rusly

Popular New Artiste (Male)
1. Bard R1
2. Dafi Ismail
3. Diddy Muhid
4. Fiq Halim
5. Kaer Azami

Popular New Artiste (Female)
1. Farah Asyikin
2. Fouziah Ghous
3. Heliza Helmi
4. Julia Ziegler
5. Mila Jirin

Popular Nasyid Singer
1. Hijjaz
2. Inteam
3. Mirwana
4. Rabbani
5. Raihan

Popular Singer (Male)
1. Adam Mat Saman
2. Anuar Zain
3. Faizal Tahir
4. Mawi
5. Hazami

Popular Singer (Female)
1. Adibah Noor
2. Mila Jirin
3. Jaclyn Victor
4. Misha Omar
5. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Popular Group/Duo
1. Kristal
2. Jinbara
3. Misha Omar and Andy
4. Spider
5. Sofaz

Popular Film Actor
1. Afdlin Shauki
2. Pierre Andre
3. Rusdi Ramli
4. Rosyam Nor
5. Saiful Apek

Popular Film Actress
1. Erra Fazira
2. Fasha Sandha
3. Maya Karin
4. Sharifah Amani
5. Vanidah Imran

Popular TV Actor
1. Aaron Aziz
2. Arash Mohamad
3. Fahrin Ahmad
4. Rosyam Nor
5. Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan

Popular TV Actress
1. Dynaz Mokhtar
2. Eja
3. Fasha Sandha
4. Rita Rudaini
5. Rozita Che Wan

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Kakak Siti Nurhaliza Antara Calon Baru AF6

11 Mar


KUALA LUMPUR 10 Mac – Siti Norsaida Tarudin, 32, yang juga kakak kepada penyanyi nombor satu negara, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin terpilih antara 25 orang calon pelajar Akademi Fantasia 6 (AF6) yang akan mula siarannya 17 Mac ini.

Bukan itu sahaja, percubaan seorang ibu tunggal dan nenek kepada dua orang cucu, Hairina Abd. Halim, 44, juga membuahkan hasil apabila turut terpilih dan dikatakan bakal memberi saingan hebat untuk musim ini.

Penyertaan Hairina atau Rina yang mempunyai pengalaman 25 tahun menyanyi di kelab malam itu membuktikan langkah Astro membenarkan had umur 45 tahun untuk menyertai program realiti TV itu dipandang positif.

Pengumuman kesemua calon pelajar tersebut dilakukan di salah sebuah hotel terkemuka di sini hari ini.

Pada majlis yang sama juga, Astro turut mengumumkan Fauziah Ahmad Daud atau Ogy dan penyanyi terkenal, Ning Baizura sebagai pengkritik tetap yang akan menilai persembahan para peserta pada konsert mingguan yang akan bermula 22 Mac depan.

Namun begitu, kesemua 25 calon pelajar itu akan disaring selama tiga hari bermula esok oleh pengetuanya, Ramli MS dan barisan tenaga pengajar yang lain dalam memilih pelajar yang terbaik.

“Saringan tersebut merangkumi penyertaan calon-calon berkenaan dalam sesi orientasi dan kelas-kelas tertentu sepanjang tiga hari tersebut di satu tempat yang dirahsiakan.

“Di peringkat ini jugalah, Ramli MS dan jenteranya akan menilai peserta yang memang layak dan terbaik sebelum diserapkan menjadi pelajar AF6,” jelas Pengarah Eksekutif Astro Entertainment Sdn. Bhd., Zainir Amirullah.

Tambahnya, penonton dan peminat AF akan dapat mengetahui senarai akhir yang akan diumumkan oleh pengacara, Sarimah Ibrahim menerusi Tirai Akademi Fantasia Episod 3 yang akan disiarkan 16 Mac ini di saluran Astro Ria bermula pukul 8.30 malam.

Zainir turut memberitahu penyertaan bagi AF6 merupakan antara yang tertinggi berbanding lima musim lalu apabila pihaknya menerima lebih daripada 6,000 penyertaan di lima buah lokasi sesi uji bakat.

AF6 akan dimulakan dengan Diari Akademi Fantasia yang bermula pada 17 Mac depan manakala konsert mingguan yang akan dihoskan oleh AC Mizal pula akan diadakan setiap malam Sabtu bermula 22 Mac ini.

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