NUS Law Professor Withdraws Application To Leave Singapore

4 Aug

Singapore – The National University of Singapore (NUS) law professor in the alleged sex-for-grades case appeared in court this afternoon to withdraw his application to leave the country.

Tey Tsun Hang’s lawyer, Mr Peter Low told the court that two nights ago, the university informed Tey that as he had been suspended from active duty, NUS “will not approve his sabbatical leave for academic or other purposes”.

“NUS is not able to support his application to leave jurisdiction to teach at Hong Kong University”, added Mr Low.

Tey was supposed to be on sabbatical at the Hong Kong University’s law faculty from September to May next year. He had made plans and arrangements for the sabbatical leave since May, said Mr Low.

Earlier, Tey made another statement to the media before his court appearance. In the statement which he read in Mandarin outside the Subordinate Court, Tey Tsun Hang reiterated that he will be defending himself against the charges, which he says have no legal basis. He also requested that the media be fair in its reporting.

Tey, 41, a former district judge, is alleged to have given Ms Darrine Ko Wen Hui better grades between May and July 2010, in return for sex on two occasions.

He allegedly also received tailor made shirts and a S$740 Mont Blanc pen. Tey also had one of his bills amounting to almost S$1,300 paid for by Ko.

The academic was suspended from the university after he was charged. His next court hearing is scheduled for 23 Aug at 2.15pm.

If convicted, he faces up to five years in jail and a fine of up to S$100,000.

Today Online


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