New IPhone App & Pop Song To Promote Use Of Mandarin

28 Jul

SINGAPORE – The 33rd Speak Mandarin Campaign kicked off with the launch of the new iHuayu iPhone application and a pop song.

The free iPhone application provides bilingual terms that help executives and businessmen enhance their Mandarin vocabulary.

Its database comprises some 50,000 business and Singapore-related terms, such as “Electronic Road Pricing” and “hot money”.

Users can listen to the pronunciations of the terms, view sample sentences and scenarios that show how Mandarin is used in different settings.

The campaign also introduced a new pop song – ‘Shuo’ or ‘Speak’. It features a catchy melody and rap segment to appeal to youths.

Singapore Cultural Medallion recipient Iskandar Ismail composed, arranged and produced the song. ‘Shuo’ is performed by Singapore artiste Tay Kewei.

The campaign hopes to encourage Chinese Singaporeans to constantly use and practise Mandarin so that they can become effectively bilingual.

Speaking at the campaign launch, Minister for Education Heng Swee Keat said: “Learning Mandarin and other Mother Tongue languages anchors us to our Asian culture and values, gives us a complementary perspective of the English-speaking world, and connects us to the economic powerhouses of Asia.”

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