Tiger Airways’ Flight Delay Angers Passengers

31 May

SINGAPORE : A Tiger Airways flight from Bangkok to Singapore was delayed for more than 12 hours.

Some 50 irate passengers were unhappy with the way the problem was handled.

One passenger, Moses De Laure, said: “They made us wait for about an hour. Then they said that there are some problems with the flight. Then they said we have to wait for another half an hour, and that half an hour turned out to be five hours on the plane alone. And they never offered a drink.”

Passengers said Tiger Airways flight number TR2105 was supposed to leave Bangkok on Wednesday afternoon.

The airline had told them if the delay lasted till midnight, they would arrange accommodation.

But nothing happened as Tiger Airways staff said the Singapore side did not make any arrangements.

Meal coupons were given out to each passenger.

The flight finally took off at 2.50am on Thursday and the plane landed at 6am.

However, more than half of the passengers onboard refused to leave the plane, demanding a proper explanation and compensation.

Security personnel were called in and the passengers were asked to leave.

Tiger Airways said a technical fault caused the delay and it has apologised for the inconvenience caused.

– CNA/ms

Channel News Asia

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