Weddings Make Her Lose Appetite

14 Nov

Weddings make her lose appetite
Taiwan actress-singer Rene Liu has attended one wedding in 10 years
November 14, 2010

IS TAIWANESE actress-singer Rene Liu impulsive enough to ever pull a Barbie Hsu?

Said the 41-year-old: ‘I’m not the person concerned and I can’t speak for her…

‘As long as you feel the person is the one for you, it doesn’t matter how long the courtship is.’

Taiwanese singer-actress Hsu recently announced her engagement to Beijing-based restaurant empire heir Wang Xiaofei after a whirlwind courtship.

Liu – who’s filming Jingle Ma’s new movie Dynamic Angel in Shanghai – has had many suitors over the years but has not yet found her Prince Charming.

Is she too cautious when it comes to matters of the heart?

She said: ‘I beg to differ. I can be rash in certain areas too.’

Such as?

There was a moment of silence before Liu replied: ‘Like driving a car. When I get angry with other drivers, I can forget who I am and just rant at other motorists.

‘While there are many grey areas in modern times, you yourself must know what is right and wrong. There must be black and white in your line of thought.’

It has been quiet on the love front for Liu for several years – until a few months ago, when she was rumoured to have caused her good friend, Taiwanese singer-actress Tarcy Su, to split from Taiwanese director Chen Kuo Fu.

Su and Liu denied the reports and have stayed mum on the incident.


Knee surgery kept Rene Liu out of action for a year.

She did not have a serious relationship during her long break.

She said: ‘So this means that romance has nothing to do with whether you’re busy with your career or not.’

Last year, Liu returned to showbiz and immediately had to face the daunting challenge of preparing for a concert.

She kicked off her Take Off Your High Heels concert tour of China in Shanghai and did no fewer than 15 shows.

It was staged like a musical, with dancers doubling up as actors and multiple scene changes.

Take Off Your High Heels featured four emotions that women experience when they are in love.

When asked if her fans understood what she was trying to express, Liu said that her message transcends all cultures.

Liu said: ‘I’m sure my audience understood what I was doing.’

When Liu performed in Chengdu in August, a middle-aged man dressed in a white suit dangled a wedding ring and proposed to her from below the stage.

Liu was caught off-guard by the gesture and appeared distracted for a while.

When asked about the incident, she said: ‘My male fans usually give me ‘face’. And after that incident, I realised that while some male fans may not know me, they feel they know me well.

‘This is because when I’m on stage, I tend to acknowledge my fans because I don’t want a barrier between me and them.’

Appeared uncomfortable

Yet, when Liu performed on home ground in Taipei in August, she appeared uncomfortable because her relatives and friends were among the audience.

She explained: ‘I’m usually dressed like a homebody when my relatives see me and I’m not used to them seeing me on stage, in formal attire.

‘But one of my favourite costumes during the concert was a red wedding dress.’

But in real life, Liu makes it a point to avoid weddings.

She said: ‘In the last 10 years, I’ve only attended one wedding so I’ve not had any problems.

‘I’m afraid of attending weddings because they make me lose my appetite.’

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