New Faces Hit Airwaves

30 Sep

New Faces hit airwaves
New Face finalists make radio debut to garner votes
By Yeoh Wee Teck
September 30, 2010

THEIR radio debut wasn’t as scary as they thought.

VOTE FOR ME: The New Paper New Face 2010 finalists Nikki Tay, Arrian North and Michelle Theseira.

The New Paper New Face 2010 finalists made their way to the Radio 91.3 studios to record radio spots to garner votes for The New Paper Miss Popularity award.

These radio spots are played frequently throughout the day on Radio 91.3.

Said Raffles Institution (Junior College) student Nikki Tay, 17: ‘I was not nervous at all. I was just really excited because it was a novel experience for me!’

Only City College student Arrian North, 16, admitted to nerves.

But luckily, the producer recording her segment was pleasant.

‘They were very welcoming. So when I walked into the studio, it wasn’t as nerve-racking as I thought it would be.’

Recording wasn’t without incident though.

Nikki said: ‘It was really strange hearing my voice echo back at me during the recording and I kept giggling !’

Growling stomach

As for Arrian, her growling stomach was the problem.

She said: ‘During the recording, my stomach was growling. I thought they couldn’t hear it, but apparently they could because I noticed them laughing!’

That aside, Arrian said it was a ‘joyous experience’.

For one New Face girl, it was a mad rush.

Michelle Theseira, 19, had a test just before the recording.

She had to rush from that to the studio.

Michelle, a Communication and Information Design student at Republic Polytechnic, said: ‘It was stressful, definitely.’

Thank goodness then that the recording wasn’t a painful experience.

But listening to herself proved otherwise.

She said: ‘It’s the same as seeing yourself on video for the first time.

‘You think, ‘Oh gosh is that how I really sound like?’ and you tend to be very critical and self-conscious.’

Vote for your fave New Face

THE New Paper New Face is a modelling competition in its 18th year.

This year, it’s presented by Subaru MotorImage and is co-sponsored by Levi’s, InnerShine Berry Essence and Clinelle.

On Oct 7 at Takashimaya Square, one girl will be named The New Paper New Face 2010.

The panel of seven judges includes actress and New Face alumni Dawn Yeoh, celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee and top model Sheila Sim.

There is one category in which you can make a difference: The New Paper Miss Popularity subsidiary award.

To vote for your favourite New Face contestant, go to the official New Face website or get more details in tomorrow’s The New Paper.

As of Monday, the girls leading the poll are (in alphabetical order):

Arrian North
Cheryl de Mello
Noor Kamilah
Rachel Erasmus
Vivien Ong

Voting ends on Thursday, Oct 7, at 7.30pm.

The NewPaper

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