Best Friends Forever?

28 Sep

Best friends forever?
Ex-MediaCorp artistes Felicia Chin and Nat Ho talk about how they came to be good friends
September 28, 2010

THEY are such good friends that when Felicia Chin and Nat Ho left MediaCorp after their contracts ended in June, people were speculating that they had planned their departures together.

Chin is pursuing her studies while Ho is set on a singing career.

How did you become friends?

CHIN: If you ask me about the details, I don’t know where to start. All I can say is that our friendship is a natural progression.

HO: What I remember most is that about two years ago, after filming the Chinese New Year’s Eve variety show, both of us, together with (fellow actors) Elvin Ng and Dawn Yeoh, went to Chinatown to join in the celebrations.

We partied till 2am. We then bought sparklers and continued partying in MediaCorp’s carpark.

CHIN: Our behaviour was childish yet we were reminded of our childhood.

HO: This is one of the memories that I treasure. It is very hard to find real friends in this line.

CHIN: Can you imagine four adults playing with sparklers in a big carpark? We even made videos of our playing around.

HO: Around that time, Edison Chen’s sex photo scandal broke. When Felicia told me the following afternoon that she lost her camera, I went: ‘Oh my God!’

CHIN: I was very worried because our behaviour was unbecoming for artistes. Then again, I also thought that if the videos were posted on YouTube, we would be famous!

Is it easy to make friends in showbiz?

HO: It’s tough. Many artistes look out only for themselves. That’s why people say artistes can only be colleagues but not friends. It’s sad.

CHIN: A lot depends on affinity. I think I have few friends from MediaCorp as I’m not an expressive person. That is why I treasure my friendships with Nat and a few other colleagues.

HO: Felicia is like an onion with many protective layers that must be peeled off for anyone to understand her well.

She is always sensitive to other people’s feelings and often ends up being easily influenced by others.

As her friend, I feel the need to protect her.

Is it possible for platonic friendships to exist between men and women?

CHIN: With Nat, it’s possible. Although, personally, I think it’s not possible with other men. I have male friends outside showbiz and sometimes, I have the feeling they’re looking to be more than just friends with me.

HO: I have close friendships with women outside showbiz.

How many relationships have you had after joining MediaCorp?

HO: I’ve been attracted to a few women but it’s difficult to start serious relationships because I don’t know if the women are interested in me or if they just fancy being with a celebrity.

CHIN: That person is definitely not me!

What are your best memories of life in MediaCorp?

HO: There are ups and downs in an artiste’s life. My career highpoint was winning Favourite Male Character at this year’s Star Awards.

My low point came when I left MediaCorp. Some people said I left because I wanted more money. I don’t like this sort of speculation.

CHIN: I was very touched when my mother, older sister and friends cheered me on when I took part in Star Search.

And when I left MediaCorp, my colleagues and even other staff who did not know me well came to wish me well.

I thought they were very warm-hearted.

This article was translated from the latest issue of U-Weekly.

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