Don’t Forget The Right Underwear

29 Jun

Don’t forget the right underwear
Celeb contestants have tough time on Don’t Forget The Lyrics show
By Kwok Kar Peng
June 29, 2010

THE audience was having a good laugh but onstage, the three comedians were not having such a swell time.


Guo Liang had a throbbing headache.

Michelle Chong was so nervous she said she could feel herself perspiring.

And Dennis Chew forgot to wear the right underwear.

The artistes were at the recording of ongoing Channel 8 game show Don’t Forget The Lyrics! – All Stars.

Based on the popular US game show, contestants have to sing along to a karaoke machine. Halfway through the song, the lyrics are removed and contestants must fill in the correct lyrics on their own.

But during the recording of this special episode, which The New Paper attended, the contestants were local artistes competing to raise money for charity.

And there was an added twist – the TV hosts had to participate by doing impersonations of veteran Taiwanese singers.

Chong impersonated Tsai Chin, Chew was Fong Fei-Fei and Guo was Fei Yu-Ching.

This particular episode will air tomorrow at 8pm on Channel 8.

(We are not party-poopers so we’re not revealing what songs they sang and how much they won.)

Chong and Guo were indeed the highlights, their impersonations uncanny and hilarious, thanks to make-up and some sticky tape.

But Guo had to suffer for his art and to an extent, his make-up. To mimic Fei’s long slanted eyes, he had to tape the ends of his eyes upwards.

‘It’s very uncomfortable,’ the 42-year-old lamented after having been in character for six hours.

‘Blood rushed to my eyes and I felt giddy. It has definitely affected my thinking too.’

But the China-born host was not the only one suffering throughout the night.

Chong, 32, also had a stressful night. She sang off-key several times and even stopped mid-way through a song and asked for a retake.

Fellow contestant Chew and host Mark Lee didn’t try to hide their amusement. Chew almost fell off his chair laughing while Lee called it ‘a torture’ to hear her sing.

Chong said self-effacingly: ‘I really can’t sing. I was quite apprehensive about taking part in this show because I’ve never sung in public before this.

‘I got more comfortable with the idea when the production crew told me that I’d be in character. But then when I knew that I’ll be impersonating such an acclaimed singer, I felt even greater pressure.’

Even though she couldn’t sing like Tsai, she certainly looked the part.

Her short hair was done up like the chanteuse’s signature bouffant hairdo, her lips were drawn thicker and a ‘mole’ was dotted under her left eye.

All she needed to do was pout and lower her eyelids and it was almost as if Tsai herself was on stage.

Chew seemed to have better luck being in character compared to the others.

Furthermore, he had an edge. The 37-year-old released his solo music album in 2005.

He had one problem though.

‘Usually when I’m impersonating a woman, I wear more restrictive underwear. But I forgot to today.’

The NewPaper

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