31 May

Fly on the Wall
Magnum Gold?! is launched in S’pore – but where’s Benicio del Toro?!
By Sylvia Toh Paik Choo
May 31, 2010

THE world’s first handheld ice-cream was accidentally concocted in 1905 by an 11-year-old American boy.

(He’d left a stir stick in flavoured soda out on the porch overnight and record low temperatures that San Francisco night froze it good enough to eat.)

Unilever the food people bought the rights to the humble popsicle (an iced drink on a stick) and since then has roped in older girls (like Eva Longoria), royalty and now Benicio del Toro to sell its confection.

Magnum Gold?! is the first gold-coloured ice-cream in the world and Singapore, never content to settle for second, is the first in the region to launch it. Why the ‘?!’ punctuation marks? Ask Wall’s!

Cops and robbers gave invited guests to Magnum’s annual party a chance to taste the sensation.


In the Waterboat House across the bridge from Fullerton, cool people swooned from the heatwave and were immediately arrested by the photo stop.

Against a police line-up backdrop, you were snapped and when you collected your picture after – say what, isn’t that what’s-his-face, the actor from, well, it’s Benicio del Toro. Together with Caroline de Souza Correa from Katong (actually an actress from Brazil).

The couple star in a specially commissioned heist-themed film scene directed by no less than Bryan Singer for Unilever’s Magnum ‘good as gold’ ice-cream campaign.

Campaign, schampaign. It’s a great taste treat – Madagascar chocolate, salted caramel, creamy smooth.

But first, there was the heist.

A stealth man and woman in tights snuck up on two men in black shades guarding a booth, dropped them and opened the dry-iced vault inside.

Waiters then served up the ingots, guests licked up the entertainment.

A band played, lids off the buffet, guests swooped.

The pair of ‘security guards’ of the gold vault, when asked why they were so readily overpowered by the thieves said: ‘We weren’t paid enough to fight back.’

Only in Singapore.

Don’t you just miss the bellring of your friendly neighbourhood ice-cream seller?


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