30 Apr

April 30, 2010

Talk about having an iron grip.

Iron Man’s first cinematic outing two years ago collected over US$585 million (S$804 million) in worldwide box office receipts.

And the much-anticipated sequel – directed by Jon Favreau again – aims to top that as our favourite iron-clad superhero blasts on to the big screen from today.

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, or rather, a red-gold titanium alloy helmet, as our hero now faces more problems and enemies.

As Iron Man 2 gears up to kickstart this year’s summer blockbuster season, JOANNE SOH gets inside Iron Man’s heads-up display (HUD) to get you up to speed on the major players.


More streamlined and form-fitted, the Mark IV is also lighter and more aero-dynamic. Like its predecessors, the MArk IV’s is also able to withstand small-arms fine and comes with its own built-in arsenal. But of course, the armour’s main weapon are the repulsors that are embedded in the gloves and the chest price.


Also functions as Stark’s life source. It’s a clean energy source that not only protects Stark’s heart but also serves as a battery that powers the Iron Man Suit.


Superman and Spider-Man wear their supersuits beneath their clothes. Globe-trotting Iron Man carries his armour in a nifty collapsible suitcase that is much more durable and cooler than your average luggage bag.


It’s public knowledge that playboy billionaire Tony Stark is the man inside the iron suit.

Everyone wants a piece of him – including the US government, which wants the Iron Man technology to create a new generation of super-soldiers.

But Stark knows the consequences if his arc reactor technology lands in the wrong hands.

Look what happened to his power-hungry business partner Obadiah Stane in the first movie.

In his eagerness to monetise Stark’s arc reactor and Iron Man suit, Stane’s Iron Monger suit (fashioned after Iron Man) crashed and burned – literally.

Naturally, Stark is unwilling to give up his suit.

But being pressured by the government is the least of his problems.

The arc reactor that Stark wears to protect his heart from the shrapnel embedded in his chest is releasing toxins into his blood.

Not knowing how long he will live, Stark gets reckless. To make matters worse, he’s attacked by new baddie Whiplash, who has a personal vendetta against him and all that he owns.


Stark’s best friend and only ally in the US military. Torn between loyalty to friend and country, Rhodes later gets his own artillery-laden armour, fighting with Iron Man against an army of mass-produced Iron Man-wannabe drones.


Once Stark’s personal assistant, the no-nonsense iron lady is now promoted to CEO of Stark Enterprises.

Besides having to run a billion-dollar business, Potts is also responsible for keeping her former boss, confidante and possible lover out of trouble.


A wealthy industrialist and CEO of Hammer Industries, specialising in creating state-of-the-art weaponry for the US government.

Coveting Iron Man’s technology, the mercenary businessman seeks to create his own army of Iron Man replica suits for the military. As his endeavours have yet to yield any effective results, he subsequently teams up with Whiplash to build an entire fleet of armoured drones.


A mysterious brunette who is both intriguing and beguiling.

Working as a notary in Stark Enterprises’ legal department, she later steps into Potts’ shoes as Stark’s personal assistant.

But it is later revealed that Rushman is none other than Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow, an agent under Nick Fury’s orders to spy on Stark and assess if he is qualified to be part of the Avengers Initiative.


Raised in the knowledge that Stark’s father had stolen the arc reactor technology from his own scientist father, Vanko, a brilliant physicist himself, wants to make Stark bleed.

Calling himself Whiplash, he fashions a set of powerful electrified whips that can crack Iron Man’s seemingly indestructible armour.


Working with Justin Hammer, Stern is an obnoxious US senator who is bent on taking the Iron Man suit from Stark.


Stark’s loyal chauffeur and sparring partner in boxing, Happy also moonlights as Stark’s bodyguard – not that his employer needs one. An extremely skilled driver, Happy also has his eye on new colleague Natalie Rushman.


Director of international peacekeeping force S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement And Logistics Division), Fury has been trying to recruit Stark into his superhero Avengers Initiative. A true enigma, there’s more to him than meets the (unpatched) eye.


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