26 Apr

Her link to the Jack Neo scandal has landed her offers to pose for lad mags, publish a book and host a show. But Foyce Le Xuan says she’s not an attention-seeker
By Tan Kee Yun
April 26, 2010

PUBLICITY hungry. Fame crazy. Celebrity wannabe.


Ever since the Jack Neo scandal broke, local actress-singer Foyce Le Xuan has had those labels hurled at her.

The 29-year-old, whose real name is Lim Hui Hui, made headlines last month when she was among several women who had stepped out to expose director Jack Neo’s philandering ways.

But although the other women – part-time model Wendy Chong, student Maelle Meurzec and transsexual masseuse Ms Maggie Lai – seem to have faded into obscurity, Foyce continues to dominate the headlines.

She made at least three police reports claiming she was the victim of threatening SMSes.

After a sex tape allegedly containing footage of her and Neo surfaced, Le jumped out to publicly defend herself, at one point having her foot photographed by the Chinese newspapers to prove that the size of her feet ‘do not match that of the girl’s in the video’.

Then, two weeks ago, she posted on her Facebook page that someone had smashed her table at an Indochine restaurant, but later clarified that it was a case of mistaken identity.

Netizens on popular websites Hardware Zone and Stomp have called her an ‘attention-seeker’ who ‘loves exaggerating’ the situation. She has also been accused of using the media as a platform to turn herself into a household name.

They point to her numerous police reports and how the budding singer was savvy enough to pass reporters a CD of her music during interviews.

In an interview last week with The New Paper on Sunday, Le retorted: ‘There is no point in getting angry at these people, they don’t know me at all, they don’t see the full picture.’

Her friends and supporters, she added, know very well that she has never been ‘ the fame-seeking sort’.

Le admitted, however, that people could have misunderstood her partly because of her personality .

‘I’m not some gentle, sweet young thing,’ she said.

‘I can be feisty, rebellious and quite individualistic. There are times when I just don’t give a damn.’

And she will stand up for what she feels is ‘unjust’, added Le.

Which was what prompted much of her actions during the long-drawn Jack Neo saga.

The police reports she had filed against Neo were to ‘justify’ herself against Neo’s challenge to her claims.

As for reporting to the police about allegedly receiving life-threatening phone calls, she said they were to protect herself.

‘I’m not one to hide from threats,’ she said.

She also didn’t shy away from speaking up about the alleged sex tape.

‘It’s my dignity at stake. Since it wasn’t me in the video, I have to make it clear to everyone.

‘Which girl wouldn’t do that? Wouldn’t you?’

As for her feelings for Neo, she would only say: ‘Looking back at the incident, I felt I had been slightly emotional. I could have shown more compassion and mercy towards him (Neo), as he is a brother of Christ as well (she is a Christian).’

But even Le will admit that the media scrutiny and limelight ‘have turned around to my advantage’.

She claimed that ‘more than eight offers have landed’ on her lap – ranging from magazine cover shoots for lad mags, online video programme hosting, to even a book publishing deal.

Five times more money

In some cases, she said the fee offered was ‘at least five times more’ than what she got previously as a J-Team artiste (she joined J-Team in 2004), or when she acted in the independent local film The Spirit Compendium two years ago.

The publishing deal, she claimed, is ‘a five-figure sum’.

But when pressed for details, she declined to provide the name of the publishing company as ‘my manager is still undecided whether to go ahead with it’.

‘The direction the publisher wants for my book is kind of like a tell-all of the Jack Neo incident. It’s not quite what my manager and myself desire,’ she said.

The other offers have also been ‘put on hold’ for similar reasons.

‘Too many people in Singapore just want to make money,’ Le said.

But while she admits that the offers are attractive, she’s more concerned that the media will continue to play up her affiliation with Neo instead of focusing on her work.

‘Till today, I still see some publications outrightly stating me as Neo’s ‘second mistress’,’ she said.

Le has scored a supporting role in ongoing 180-episode Channel 8 drama series Your Hand In Mine. She will be starring in episodes 147 to 177, starting from June 1.

Ironically, Le’s character is a ‘third party’ who schemingly comes between onscreen husband-and-wife pair Patricia Mok and Duan Wei Ming.

Mentally prepared

Le said she is mentally prepared for netizens to have a field day making comparisons between her and her character.

‘I’m a major villain in the show, it’ll certainly become a talking point for people,’ she said matter-of-factly.

A production co-ordinator of Your Hand In Mine told The New Paper on Sunday that casting for the drama was done in ‘March last year’, way before the whole Jack Neo scandal broke.

‘Like most people, we only knew about what happened (referring to Le’s involvement with Jack Neo) from the papers,’ she said.

‘Most of her scenes had already been completed by then.’

But that’s not all for Le’s showbiz dreams.

What she really wants to do is to make it as a singer. She is currently putting the final touches to her album, originally slated for release in June. It had been delayed due to the Jack Neo saga.

The album producer, local musician and songwriter Jim Lim (formerly from vocal group Dreamz FM), praised Le for being ‘very disciplined’ in whatever she does.

‘She shows exceptional willingness to learn and practises very hard before all our recording sessions.

‘She is a simple and straightforward girl, which might be the reason people tend to misunderstand her intentions.’

Ms Ada Wong, co-founder of dating agency The Dating Loft, who worked with Le in 2008 for a celebrity dating event, agreed.

‘I still keep in touch with Foyce today. She’s nice, down-to-earth, very forthcoming unlike some other celebrities.

‘She has endured much of late. I’d encourage her to stay true to her conscience.

‘It’s time for her to move on now, to concentrate on what is more important – her career.’



Foyce Le Xuan reveals how Jack Neo tried to chase her when she was a J-Team artiste in 2004.


Le says Neo’s apology at the press conference ‘did not say exactly what he was at fault for’.


Le breaks down after Neo rubbishes her claims about his advances towards her.


Le lodges a two-part police report – one against Neo for his text messages to her six years ago, one against life-threatening phone calls.


A mysterious man claims to have a sex tape of Neo and Le in a hotel. Neo and Le deny the video is of them.


Le claims on Facebook that someone smashed her table at Indochine restaurant, but says later it was a case of mistaken identity.


The NewPaper

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