Edison Chen Receives Death Threat

13 Mar

HONG KONG : Hong Kong star Edison Chen has been left fearing for his life after a death threat aimed at the actor was sent to Hong Kong broadcaster Cable TV. The letter has been handed over to the police.

Cable TV said the letter, which was written in English, was placed in a white envelope. It was delivered to them in an A4 sized paper bag, along with a bullet. Hong Kong’s Apple Daily also received a similar package on Thursday.

The anonymous letter to Cable TV was a warning to Chen to stop appearing in promotional or public relations events after April 4.

The threat came after the 28-year-old attended two promotional events in Singapore on February 27, his first media appearance since quitting showbiz in a year ago.

That same day Cable TV aired an interview with Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, one of the victims caught up in the sex photo scandal. In the interview, Cheung who is married to Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse, called Chen a hypocrite and said that he has yet to apologise to all the women involved in the scandal which includes Twins singer Gillian Chung and starlet Bobo Chan.

According to the letter, Chen was given a reprieve in Singapore last month and that no second chance would be given.

On the envelope were 10 stamps marked USA First-Class Forever and a return address in Pennsylvania. The stamps which depict the Liberty Bell, alluded to “giving a bell” which sounds like sending off the dead in Chinese.

Hong Kong police are not taking the matter lightly. A spokesman said that threats to media figures are considered a threat to public safety, and that such malicious conduct is a “common enemy of the public”. The case has been handed to the special crime squad who will continue with the investigation.

This is not the first time that Chen’s life has been threatened. He received a threatening phone call after a press conference last year, where he announced his withdrawal from the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Chen will be intimidated by the latest round of threats. According to Apple Daily, Chen is set to make an appearance in Singapore on April 6 to promote his movie “The Sniper”.

– CNA/ap/il

Channel News Asia

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