A Toast To Maya

12 Aug

A scene from Anak Halal which stars (from left) Maya, Farid and Fasha.

A scene from Anak Halal which stars (from left) Maya, Farid and Fasha.

Maya Karin is on cloud nine as – is getting married tomorrow in a breathtaking lake-view Italian villa and was chosen recently as Best Actress. HAFIDAH SAMAT writes.

Maya is expected to wear designer Syaiful Baharim's creation while makeup artist, Khir Khalid has been flown in to Italy to add his Midas touch for her at the ceremony tomorrow.
Maya is expected to wear designer Syaiful Baharim’s creation while makeup artist, Khir Khalid has been flown in to Italy to add his Midas touch for her at the ceremony tomorrow.

ACTRESS-and-singer Maya Karin is on a roll. After clinching the coveted Best Actress award at the 21st Malaysian Film Festival for her role in director Osman Ali’s Anak Halal, the German-Indonesian beauty would once again be the toast-of-the-town as she weds her British-origin fiance in Italy, tomorrow.

For her victory at the film fest, Maya beat contenders Erra Fazira, Nurfazura, Nasha Aziz and Vanida Imran. Anak Halal is a tale of love, lust and betrayal originally written by Osman as a short film in the late 1990s. Produced by Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd, the RM1.5 million film also starred Fasha Sandha, Farid Kamil and Zulhuzaimi, Raja Farah, Adi Putra, Aqasha and Saufi Jikan.

Speaking in a brief telephone interview from Lake Como in Italy yesterday where she is due to wed Steven Shorthose or Muhammad Ali Abdullah, Maya admitted to be on cloud nine.

“I received the good news from some friends in Kuala Lumpur and was dumbfounded for a bit. Yeah, I’d have loved to be at the festival to celebrate the joyous moment with them but I planned this trip six months ago,” she said, excitedly.

Asked about her family’s reaction after she broke the news to them, she said: “They’re all cool about it. Steve was excited for me when he heard the news.”

Since the announcement of her film festival coup, Maya claimed she has received a deluge of SMSes from well-wishers and fans from Kuala Lumpur.

“I’ve been unable to answer all of them yet. I’m tied up running errands and tying loose ends before the BIG day tomorrow,” said Maya, adding that winning the title comes as career booster.

She said: “It’s a lovely bonus for me. I’m eternally grateful to director Shuhaimi Baba who has been a great mentor and for teaching me the ropes in the acting world. I thank Osman (Ali) for trusting me.

“I’m also thankful to the great production team of Anak Halal for its support and patience throughout the shoot.”

And what about the wedding?

Maya, 29 who arrived in Italy with her family last Friday, said: “I’m just as excited as any bride but I don’t intend to dwell too much on the wedding preparations. Everything is pretty much done already. There’s not much to do really except for the catering and decorations. The view is just breathtaking from my room and I want the natural beauty of the surrounding to do its magic for the special day.

“My only concern now is to ensure that my guests are happy and comfortable with their stay here. What’s important is the fact that the event is a special gathering of family and our close friends,” stressed Maya.

According to Maya, who is synonymous with her gripping portrayal of a modern-day pontianak (vampire) in Shuhaimi’s Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam I & II, her family members from Germany and Austria have arrived at the villa which Maya says, “overlooks the panoramic Lake Como and the view is just indescribable”.

Her close friends including Shuhaimi and actress Kavita Sidhu will take time off from their hectic schedules to witness her akad nikah ceremony tomorrow.

“People are saying that I’m realising a fairytale dream with the ceremony yet I’m a practical person and it takes a lot of effort to make it work,” she said.

After the ceremony, Maya is heading for Venice for her honeymoon. She will be joined by the rest of her family members.

“Yeah, the whole bunch of them are coming along,” she said, laughingly. She is expected to return to Kuala Lumpur on Aug 20, and there will be a wedding reception in Kepong on Aug 29.

“Then there will be one quiet week before I start the rehearsals for my next film, Pisau Cukur,” she added.


New Straits Times

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