Qi Yu Wu’s One Hot Talent

11 Aug

SINGAPORE : From the time Qi Yu Wu won the Star Search competition on September 15, 1999, Lady Luck has been smiling down on him.

Even as a newbie, meaty TV roles kept gravitating his way – think “My Genie”, “The Peak” and “The Champion”. The Guangzhou-born actor has been among the Top 10 male artistes at the Star Awards three times from 2004 to 2006. He’s also been nominated for the Best Actor trophy twice for 2004’s “Room in My Heart” and 2006’s “CID”.

And that’s far from enough for him. The 31-year-old wants to be a “great actor … the best”. “I can’t rely on luck forever,” he told TODAY in an interview, where he switched between English (he has improved by leaps and bounds) and Mandarin. When the soft-spoken actor made up his mind to take matters into his own hands, he put paid to what would have remained a small-screen career.

Today, the nobody who left his hometown and family for Singapore nine years ago in search of golden opportunities is a movie star in his own right.

Having headlined four movies so far – “The Leap Years”, “The Home Song Stories”, “881” and the latest, Royston Tan’s “12 Lotus” – Qi can brag to have starred alongside international actress Joan Chen, and to having rubbed elbows with famous directors at the various international film festivals he has attended.

And he’s not done yet. This foreign talent, who lists Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman and Meryl Streep as his favourite actors, wants to bring an Oscar back to Singapore.

Channel News Asia

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