Telly Bahus Turn Babes

9 Aug

Telly bahus turn babes

The bahus of TV soaps have ventured out of the confines of their homes, away from a scheming saas and the routine day-to-day nitty gritties of running the household to don glamorous image of Vogue’s cover girl. Walking on the untrodden path to the August issue of Vogue are Gautami Kapoor aka Tulsi of Kyunki, Shilpa Sakhlani aka Ganga of Kyunki, Gauri Pradhan aka Gauri of Kkutumb, Shweta Salve, Tina Parekh aka Shruti of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Reshmi Ghosh aka Bhumi of Kyunki and Sanjeeda Shaikh of Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka fame.

Their fashion sense hasn’t been something to write home about. Often criticised for the garish clothes and loud jewellery, the overly done make up and the premature white hair, these traditional belles have undergone a makeover keeping in tandem with the style, glamour and flamboyance that Vogue is associated with. For Reshmi Ghosh, also a Miss India winner, fashion shoot is a way of life, but even she rates the Vogue experience as completely different. “We had the best designers, beauty experts and photographer taking care of our looks. Attention was paid to every little detail. Though I have done cover pages earlier, it was wonderful to be shot by ace photographer Farrokh Chotia,” says Reshmi.

After having always seen Gautami play the ideal bahu draped in yards of cloth, this sure comes as a shock to her fans. “I have always been cast in roles that require me to wear sarees. No one has ever tried to reinvent my look, but in my day-to-day life I always wear western outfits. I hope after this people will see me in a different light,” says Gautami.

However, Shweta Salve, justifies the new look, “Actresses who play bahus are not like that in real life. This new look is not a huge image change for them, but yes for the public it is.”

Tina Parekh agrees with Shweta. “It was a great relief to be a partof the shoot. I could project my real image before the world,” she says.

All the actresses unanimously accede that they feel honoured to be a part of such a reputed fashion magazine, but Reshmi adds, “There are many talented and good looking people in television industry and they should be given exposure through such ventures.”

Acting comes from within for Sonal

Sonal Udeshi, the name might seem new to TV lovers, but for Sonal it has been quite a while in the entertainment industry. The actress, who is playing the character of Rajkumari Ambika in the new series Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki has achieved a lot in the field of acting. “I’ve done many serials and short films for Doordarshan. Besides, I also did an international serial Palwasha – The Rays Of Rising Sun in Afghanistan which is currently telecast in 10 countries around the world on Ariana TV,” said Sonal.

So, how was the experience of working for an international project? “More than being an international project, the theme of the story touched my heart. It’s a story of a girl who struggles a lot in her life for freedom to live life in her own way. And, finally she gains victory by becoming the first woman judge of Afghanistan,” she said.

Sonal wanted to be an actor since her childhood, but never joined any course to develop acting skills. “Acting is something that comes from within. It doesn’t need any professional training, but only practice. I always used to participate in as many plays as I could, both in school and college in order to improve my performance,” says Sonal.

Talking about her role in Mahabharat, she said, “It’s exciting to play a historical character. The classy look makes me feel like a princess.”

Though she is happy with the role of a princess, the fact that she doesn’t have to wear too much jewellery makes her even happier. “Though, it’s an epic, the new series is different in terms of the look and character. The characters are mythological, but have been given a modern twist,” she adds.

‘Sex is work I’m not paid to do’

So how does it feel being the unmatched king of Bollywood with a string of successes at the box office? “I feel like a fish out of water. I have worked my whole life to be good and successful at what I do, but it’s not easy being at the top. I am by no means complaining but it’s a shame that with success comes many a sad story. I have always said I would do anything for my people, my fans, and if it means taking the rough with the tumble I’m in all the way. I believe in karma. God is watching everything. No dog’s bark is ever worse than his bite, and I’d laugh if anyone ever tried biting me!” says Akshay in a calm yet determined voice.

So, how did he go about approaching the role of a sardar in Singh is Kinng? “Well I didn’t exactly walk up to a sardar and say ‘Teach me all you know’. I happen to know and love so many sardars in my life that it came naturally to me. It is one of my favourite characters. Wearing a pagdi was so honourable. You feel like a king the minute you put it on,” he says.

Katrina Kaif and he make a handsome on-screen pair and have done many successful films together. Who among the newcomers does he think makes for a great pair with him? “As for the newcomers, they are all on trial till they give me as many hits as our darling Kat has! Just kidding, I’ve just shot with the newest of the newcomers, Deepika Padukone for Chandni Chowk to China,” he says.

So what is his equation with Katrina like? “She’s a dedicated actress but between shots it’s like listening to your 10-year-old baby sister, with the knowledge of a lawyer,” he quips.

If Singh is Kinng’s huge buzz wasn’t enough, Akshay is the best thing on his reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi. “I had a whale of a time, encouraging my ladies to conquer their biggest fears and being their knight in shining armour.” he says.

Of late Shilpa Shetty and Raveena Tandon – both his exes – have been praising the superstar at every opportunity. “Why shouldn’t they? I’m a nice guy. As long as people are able to say good things about me, I’m extremely grateful. They are both wonderful women with diamond hearts; I wouldn’t expect anything but positive things from them. That’s why I was once with them,” says the player.

Kat races to top slot

You’ve got to hand it to this girl. Three years back, she made a disastrous debut with Boom but today she has made it to the top. No doubt, having a successful boyfriend has played a major role in her success but to give credit to Katrina Kaif, the actress has worked hard to reach the top slot. Today, she has even replaced Aishwarya Rai in the Nakshatra ad, a fact which the news channels played up repeatedly. Katrina, though is a perfect diplomat and dismissed all queries regarding her new role with a politically correct response. “All the people concerned with the brand have done well in the past and I hope to take this further,” is what she commented. Smart gal, you sure can’t get any controversial statement out of her. In yet another televised interview, she refused to be drawn into the childish SRK-Sallu brawl and sweetly added, “I don’t talk about my personal life and things will sort themselves out.” Sensible, for with an on/ off boyfriend Salman Khan it’s best not to comment for even Kat will not be able to predict what Sallu will be up to next.

Right now she is promoting her latest flick, Singh is King and recent promos of a song shot in Egypt somehow evoke a deja vu feeling. Karan Johar had shot that wonderful song Suraj Hua Maddham with Kajol and SRK at the same location. In fact Kajol had also worn chiffon sarees designed by Manish Malhotra and now the designer has given the same look to Katrina in this film too. While it’s too soon to predict, how successful this song or film will be, it’s a pity that our directors can’t really think of original concepts even for their songs.

Yet another actress who seems to have fallen flat on her face is Vidya Balan. The poor girl’s rather desperate attempts at creating a sexy image seem to have backfired on her again. It’s bad enough that FHM magazine decided to do a sensuous cover shoot with her where the actress is only draped in a blanket. The actress, who simply does not have the curves, yet, should have rejected the concept but she didn’t and Headlines Today had a blast poking fun at her. Vidya not just needs a stylist but a good friend who can din some sense into the stubborn actress who needs some serious counseling before it’s too late.

Star leads, Sony back to third

After a difficult first quarter of 2008, Star Plus has substantially improved its lead over Zee in the second quarter. According to week 30 of TAM data, Star Plus delivered 315 GRPs against Zee’s 216. But the picture wasn’t rosy for the leader in the GEC space in February and March – Zee was almost within distance of catching up with the leader with 309 GRPs against Star’s 330.

After the launch of NDTV Imagine in January, Sony had lost its third position to the former in the first quarter and later to 9X in April and May. But in the last two months, Sony too has reclaimed its third position with an average of 99 GRPs over the last nine weeks.

What has led to Star’s improved performance and which shows have helped Sony bounce back in the third GEC slot? Fiction is working great for Star Plus across all slots – weekday prime time, weekend prime and the revamped afternoon weekday delivering better than the competition.

While Kyunki makes its presence felt and Bidaai continues to rule, the fiction shows launched on Star in the past six months have steadily climbed on charts. Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil is leading with 4.6 ratings against Zee’s Maayka. Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat has fought competition and risen to 4.2 TVR. Similarly, Hamari Devrani has boosted Star’s ratings.

Sony too has reclaimed its third slot with weekend shows like CID, Comedy Circus, Boogie Woogie and 10 Ka Dum. Says business head Albert Almeida, “10 Ka Dum has helped improve the channel’s viewership by getting eyeballs for CID and Comedy Circus. Besides, Babul and Kuch Is Tarah have also started showing traction.”


Soha’s tribute to Mumbai

After Rang De Basanti, Soha Ali Khan is doing one more film with a social message. Her upcoming film, Mumbai Meri Jaan, directed by Nishikant Kamat, traces the story of the 2006 Mumbai train blasts and the tension that followed. According to the actress, the film is about communal harmony and national spirit. “The movie shows how in the face of crisis, people came together to help each other. They showed to the world they are Indians first, then Hindus or Muslims,” says Soha. Soha plays a journalist in the movie. “Being a journalist is a difficult job. It’s the responsibility of a journalist to provide people with the right information and truth. But a reporter can also get carried away when there is a lot of passion involved,” the actress says.

Movie, a let down
Filmy Talk

Money Hai To Honey Hai seems to have rubbed many a Bollywood actor the wrong way. Not long back, Tushar Kapoor was angry at the makers of the film for spoofing his sister. Now the quality of the movie has annoyed actress Celina Jaitley. Celina who who was in London for a short vacation saw Money Hai To Honey Hai and was shocked to see a very bad product.

And if that was not enough, even the financiers seem unhappy. After the first trial itself, sources close to the camp revealed that Sunil Lulla took aside Kumar Mangat and Ganesh Acharya and asked them to explain what made them to make a film like this.

With the film evoking such responses within the fraternity itself, it comes as a little surprise that the audience has shunned it.

Paresh scores

After romancing Mallika Sherawat in Maan Gaye Mughall-e- Azam, Paresh Rawal is now all set to romance Konkona Sen Sharma in Fantastic. It’s been almost three decades since Paresh Rawal made his debut in the film industry. But while other actors of his age have reconciled to do side roles, Paresh seems to be getting younger and more happening by the day.

After bagging a role opposite bombshell Mallika Sherawat in Maan Gaye Mughall-e- Azam, the actor has now landed with another role opposite Konkona Sen Sharma. And the same person – Sanjay Chhel – who got him to act opposite Mallika, has offered him this role.ῠ Paresh Rawal, along with Rahul Khanna and Javed Jaffery, will be acting with Konkona in Chhel’s next project, Fantastic.

Koena to do some action

Koena Mitra isῠ very busy these days with her international project Karna. Apart from trying to put on a heavy British accent, the actress is trying to get into the best shape of her life. She is working hard for a sexy, athletic figure, but she confesses that she is not interested in becoming a size-zero. “I don’t have to become a size zero to look sexy,” smiles the dusky beauty.

An athletic frame may not be so much in demand when it comes to Bollywood beauties, but Hollywood likes it that way. “My trainer Channel Pereira has helped me a lot. I’ve lost so much weight,” says Koena adding, “I’m down to 15 per cent body fat. The rest is all muscles. I couldn’t have done it without him. This is all for my actionῠ role in Karna.” Koena is the only lady in the all-male action-packed Karna and therefore has to train especially hard.

Bips not in Shilpa’s film

Shilpa Shetty denied rumours that Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu is all set to star in her debut production.ῠ In the past few weeks, reports have been going around that her first film as a producer will be an action thriller named VIP starring herself and Bipasha Basu. “The reports are false. It’s not named VIP. And Bipasha is not in the movie,” says Shilpa. Things will be finalised only after a month.” Shilpa also denied that they have approached any star as yet for the film.ῠ The actress informed that the film will take off by the end of this year.

Horrors of third world nations comes alive
By Sanatan Nehru

This is a romantic tale set across many years which centers around a medical student. He thinks he has found his calling as an international disaster relief worker – until he gets sidetracked by a philanthropic socialite who is entrenched in a troubled marriage.

The two keep inadvertently meeting up, and soon develop a special relationship. Jolie plays a pampered American woman married into a wealthy British family who has her consciousness raised one night in 1984 when an indignant relief doctor (Clive Owen) crashes a London society bash and castigates everyone for their insensitivity to the Ethiopian famine.

Inspired, she joins the doctor in Africa, and then rejoins him in Cambodia in 1989 and Chechnya in 1995 – the long process of their falling in love and we experience the heroic dedication and nightmarish lifestyles of relief workers.

The screenplay misses no opportunity to explain what horrific problems are being addressed by agencies such as the United Nations High Commission on Refugees and NGOs. The film has its heart in the right place.

Jolie and Owen both deliver impassioned performances, intelligent and emotional in equal measure.

Watch it this weekend.

Beyond borders Director: Martia Campbell Cast: Angelina Jolie, Clive Owen

Teejay impresses Bhatt

The so called ‘underdogs’ of Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Kabhi Yaar – Teejay Siddhu, Tina Parekh, and Karnvir Bohra – have managed to surprise all by putting up scintillating performances. Karnvir has not only impressed the judges but also inspired wife Teejay and on-screen partner Tina.ῠ Teejay has worked hard on her dance moves. So impressed was Mahesh Bhatt with her performance last week that he couldn’t resist kissing her. While, Krishna Abhishek, Kashmeera Shah, and Mukul Dev are strong contenders for the title, Karnvir, Teejay and Tina are also proving to be a big challenge.

Dhoni sings on TV

After 18 weeks, 9X’s song-n-dance extravaganza Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche reached its finale on Saturday. The concluding episode was action-packed, as Deepak and Nishtha of the Desi Dhurandhars were crowned winners by ace cricketers mahendra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj, after dancing to the Singh is King song, said, “I enjoy dancing but I’m not half as talented a dancer as these kids!”ῠ Dhoni sang the famous Amitabh Bachchan song Salaam-e-Ishq Meri Jaan. He said, “It is fantastic to see children from smaller towns getting such a good platform to showcase their talents.”

Kavita Kaushik pads up for a cricket show

She is one of the best known faces on television. After carving a niche for herself with shows like Kutumb, Dil Kya Chahta Hai, FIR, Kavita Kaushik is now trying out a different ball game. She will soon be seen in a cricket show on Zee Sports.

“I am pretty excited. I will host a cricket-based show during Australia’s tour of India,” she says. She is being touted as the next Mandira Bedi. But the actress makes it clear that she will be her own unique self. “I will not copy anyone. While cricket is a religion in the country, there is a large population of people who do not watch the game. At least majority of the women do not. And there are some men also. I will add the layman’s angle to it. I will be another normal girl talking about cricket. People should find it interesting and watch the show and take more interest in the game,” she says.

Surprisingly, she herself is pretty ignorant when it comes to cricket, but she promises to brush up on the game before the series starts.

Until then, she is focussing on films. She missed out on Maan Gaye Mughale Azam. “Yes Sanjay Chhel did talk to me about the movie. But it did not work out. Probably it would be better to ask Sanjay what went wrong,” she says.

“I am waiting for something good to come my way. I am in no hurry. I want my entry into films to be worth remembering,” said the actress whose small role in Dil Chahta Hai was edited.

(Snippets by Sanskriti Media Entertainment)

Madhura in Sangam

Sangam has a new Kaveri in Madhura Naik. This Balaji discovery started her career with Kahani and until recently was seen in a negative role in Bidaai.ῠ Naik was roped in for Sangam as a replacement for Nidhi. “I don’t know why Nidhi left the show. I accepted the role because it is a refreshing change from my negative character in Bidaai,” Madhura says.

Trying to step into her character’s shoes, she explains that Kaveri is a modern girl with refined sensibilities.ῠ “Ganga knew of Kaveri’s love for Sagar. But Kaveri is oblivious to the relationship between Sagar and Ganga. Only Kaveri’s father knew that Ganga and Sagar were planning to get married,” Madhura throws light on the complex situation in the story. Kaveri’s father had planned to break the news to her, but his untimely death lead to a new chain of events in the series. “I can’t tell you anything about what’s going to happen next. Besides, a lot will depend on TRPs,” she adds.ῠῠ

Rajshree quits dance show

The Saath Phere protagonist, Rajshree Thakur knew her days were numbered on Ek Se Badhkar Ek since the judges never missed a chance to tell her that she was surviving only because of her popularity.ῠ And just as the competition was heating up with Shayantani, Jasveer, Sanober, Kushal, and Abhishek dancing their best, Rajshree Thakur made a quiet exit, before she could be ousted from the show. Besides being an average dancer, Rajshree is apparently suffering from arthritis. She, however, denies the claims, saying she has a ligament problem and has been advised complete bed rest.

Curtains down on Left Right Left Left Right Left is a story about six youngsters who find direction at an army school. Over time, the show lost its way and is now being cut, especially since SAB has become a comedy channel. And so, curtains will come down on LRL a month from now. “LRL was one of the most successful shows on SAB which is why it is a little hard to let it go. But since we are committed to deliver 24 hours of laughter, an intense drama set in an army background does not fit the mix,” says SAB business head Anooj Kapoor.

‘I want to do relevant roles’

Sour relationships make sweet news for the gossip mills. And television actress Shilpa Shinde has been featuring in that bracket once too often in the last few months.ῠ First, her relationship with her Maayka co-actor, Neha Bamb turned frosty. Then her eagerness to quit the serial because of her over-emotional role created bad blood between her and the producer. And pulling out from the reality show, Saas Vs Bahu, soured her relationship with Shoma Anand.

“Yes, there were problems between Neha and me, but we have buried them. Now we are not friends, but we are good professionals,” says Shilpa. About her problems with Shoma Anand, she says, “We shared good chemistry off-screen. We were to be paired as a saas-bahu couple in a dance reality show, but when I pulled out of it, Shomaji became upset. But I never agreed to do the show, people mistook my silence for an assent.”

Rakhi throws a fit

Rakhi Sawant cannot be cowed down by anyone. She walked out of one of the two shows she was shooting after just six episodes and is throwing tantrums on the sets of the other.ῠ A source from the sets of the show confirmed that Rakhi has abused theῠ the production team and the directorial staff. However, when she sees a star on her show, she keeps her rash behaviour in check.

Like when Deepika Padukone came to the set, Rakhi made her wait, but on seeing her she put up her best behaviour. “Deepika can be a star. But this is my show and I am the star. I will finish doing what I want to do first before I shoot her interview,” she said to a baffled production team.

Deepika was a little upset at the way the interview took place, but was happy that she was gaining some mileage from it on a personal level, since she has to share screen space and her boyfriend with two more girls in Bachna Ae Haseeno.

Raahil Azim to die in Babul

Though Raahil Azim doesn’t admit it, hisῠ act in Babul Ka Angan Chhoote Na was supposed to be a cameo. As his character Swayam appeared, the show’s main story was sent on the back burner. Swayam sees his old flame, Payal, who he wasn’t allowed to marry, in his younger brother’s wife Aastha.ῠ On losing his lady love Swayam becomes a mental wreck. However, on seeing the Payal look-alike, his affiction is cured. Now, Payal has returned to take revenge against Swayam. The revenge angle will be played out in the coming weeks that will see the end of Swayam and a return to the original story.

Malaika snubs Chunky

Malaika Arora seems to be taking her ‘hottie’ image a little too seriously. The actress recently got into a tussle with Chunky Panday on the sets of the reality show Zara Nachke Dikha. Onlookers were taken aback when Malaika snubbed Chunky.ῠ The men versus women format of the show has led to some biases, and Malaika and Chunky have parted ways, siding with their own sexes and scrutinising the participants out of prejudice. Malaika and Chunky haven’t been on speaking terms since the scuffle. When asked about the tiff, Chunky says, “It’s almost like a sexist war. I for the guys, she for the ladies. Though we try and keep our decisions un-affected but῅” We understand Chunky. Now the good news is that both, Maliaka and Chunky, have kept up their professional values, thus, causing no disruption in the shooting schedule.

Solo Reapers

Ask those who’re part of it, and you’ll find that playing in a band is not a bed of roses. There’s the constant need to take the bandmates along, and also the difficult task of striking a balance between artistic freedom and practicality. More often than not, the genius in the band gets overshadowed by his peers, and this leads to a cramping of individuality and differences among the mates, or even a break-up of the band.

Country musician Bobby Cash, who is currently making waves across the southern continent of Ausralia, says being a musician is all about creating an ambience – through music, lyrics and the performance. “Whether it’s one person or five, it doesn’t make a difference. In my case, I realised that being a solo performer has its own merits, and if I could pursue my dreams without having to worry about getting like-minded people to fulfill it, so be it. But I have a back-up band now, because some songs do require multiple instruments.”

Some artistes, however, have become what they are because they didn’t have the option of forming a band. Reenie Rea, the Indian-born, New York-bred pop talent, who recently released an eponymous album, says unlike a conventional band, she straightaway started out by recording with a producer who noticed her songwriting and vocal talent. “I’ve been singing since I was a kid, and I usually write my own songs. The producer was a friend of mine, so I had a bit of luck there. Of course, there were the initial struggles when I would open for other international artistes. But the fast hit came sooner for me,” says Reenie, who is now based in Mumbai and is planning a stint in Bollywood soon. “The only flipside of being a solo artiste is you have no one to fall back on,” she adds.

Artistic freedom seems to be the immediate cause for such individual talents to emerge, but there are also other advantages if you are a solo performer. Metro-rockers, as these artistes like to be called, also gain monetarily from such endeavours.

Suryaveer Hooja, a Delhi- based solo artiste who performs regularly at outlets like DT Diner (DT mall), Geoffrey’s, Unitech Country Club, Lifestyle India and RPM, says that solo artistes are a flexible lot and can “fit” any ambience. “I use a high-end synthesizer for my performance, so that obviates the need for fellow band mates. Also, the venues where I perform are not large platforms, so an individual artiste fits their bill perfectly. Then there’s also the added benefit of being paid more.”

Another reason for being a solo performer, according to Suryaveer, is that there is more time available for practice.

Hooja’s repertoire contains covers of popular alternative rock acts like Oasis, James Blunt and GooGoo Dolls.

An album containing his original compositions is also on the cards, but he’s waiting for the right label to come his way.

Underground music comes to the fore

If you have a niche for sampled sounds, loops and turntables, but are in search of a platform that can accentuate your credibility and bring you some recognition as an electronic artiste, here is some good news.

With an aim to make electronica “the music of the common masses”, a bunch of musicians and music producers have taken a pledge to revive the “almost” extinct underground music scene of the capital. Named Delhi Electronic Supply Unit a.k.a DESU (strictly not be confused with DUSU), this association is set to take the Indian electronica fans by storm, and have already started sprinkling their “electro-power” through various gigs in the capital.

“DESU’s aim is to revive the underground music scene of the capital, and provide a platform for the upcoming electro-artistes to showcase their talents,” says Manu Saxena, music producer and one of the founders of the association. Says Chintan Kalra, the bassist of Parikrama, and also the founder of electro-house act Khirki Gharana,

“Today people look at electronica as a corollary to the club culture, and hence associate it with commerce. Through DESU we want to present electronica as a genre of popular music, not just something that gets played only in clubs and other such commercial places.”

On Song

Film: Bachna Ae Haseeno

Aaa aa῅. Sajde mein yun hi jhukta hoon Tum pe hi aa ke rukta hoon Kya yeh sab ko hota hai Hum ko kya lena hai sab se Tum se hi sab batein ab se Ban gaye ho tum meri dua

Khuda Jaane ke mein fida hun Khuda Jaane mein mit gaya Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai Ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda

Tu kahe to tere hi kadam ke main nishanon pe Chalun rukun ishaare pe Tu kahe tho khwabon ka bana ke Main bahana sa Mila karu sirhaane pe

Ohhh Tum se dil ki baatein seekhi Tum se hi yeh raahe seekhi Tum pe marr ke mein tho Jjee gaya

Dil kahe ke aaj tho, chupa lo tum panahon mein Ke darr hai tum ko kho doonga Dil kahe ki sambhal zara khushi Na nazar laga Ke darr hai mein tho ro dunga

‘I dined at the world’s costliest eatery’

Talking of gastronomical delights is not always easy for a gastroenterologist. Even though I had the opportunity to try cuisines of different countries, I was always particular about staying away from junk food.

East or West, Indian food is the best, so after a few days of trying foreign food, I always manage to hunt down some Indian eatery, be it in France or Scandinavia.

Besides Indian, I like Italian cuisine with its pizzas and pastas, because scientifically, Italian food, with its high carb content, is akin to Indian cuisine. We have done research and found out that Indian people are more suited to carbs and vegetable protein unlike people in the West, who are more cut out for animal protein.

In world cuisine, I prefer Vietnamese food. Their noodles, fish, boiled vegetables and herbal spices taste great even though very little oil is used. Singapore is also very rich in its culinary delights, especially seafood. I also like the Syrian food, the Middle-Eastern shawarma, humus and chickpea.

In India, I find each state has its own special cuisine. I love Punjabi chhole and fish preparations from Bengal. The healthy Maharashtrian poha and Chennai coffee taste great.

While eating out in the city, my favourites are Waterfront for delicious sea food, Golden Dragon, Taj for Chinese and Dakshin, Kakatiya for South Indian food. The MTR tiffin house in Bangalore serves simple, tasty South Indian food.

I’ve dined at the world’s costliest eatery, Case, at Brussels, Belgium. The meal is about $1,000 per person. The dining place is a small kitchen! The price is so high because Beatles, Rolling Stones and other famous groups have visited here.

Among homemade recipes, my mother’s chapula pullusu, (spicy Nellore fish) and my wife’s fish cutlet deserve a special mention.

What I find unique about Hyderbadi cuisine is that it’s a m
lange of the North and South Indian cuisine. Hyderabadi spices are also very special. The biryani is so popular that even if my friends from abroad land here at midnight, they ask me to keep biryani ready.

I would advise foodies to eat carefully six days a week and gorge on whatever they want on the seventh day, just as I do.

(As told to Sulogna Mehta)

We chill out at our canteen

Hangout@the campus and canteen of Maturi Venkata Subba Rao Engineering College

Who all frequent: Students of MVSR – Monika, Nidhi, Aparna, Sneha, Laxmi, Rounaq, Ronak, Navnet, Amit and their class mates.

Cost: Rs 5-Rs 30.

What’s the catch: Our lush green campus offers a pollution-free-cool and tranquil atmosphere. It’s so vast that it never seems crowded even though hundreds of students chill out here. The canteen serves hygienic and tasty food including idli, dosa, manchurian, friedrice, chips, coffee, fresh fruit juices etc., says Sneha Jain, a fourth year student of the college.

Savour snacks with paan martini

Monsoon is one season when the craving for hot piping snacks is at its peak. Taj Deccan is the place to be. Their southern speciality restaurant has come up with starters’ menu available in both veg and non-veg. The platter consists of special snacks found in Andhra Pradesh including Hyderabad and Telengana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka.

The non-veg snacks comprises meen kutchi varuval, (crispy fried murrel fish fingers), nandaan kozhi roast is Kerala style spicy fried chicken and venchina vetta mamsam is a dry lamb preparation. The vegetarian items consists of ullipaya pagoda, dumpala ulli karma, cauliflower varuval and vazhakkai mezhukuporatty.

Even for beverages, there are some innovative cocktails. Cocktails, made with a distinct Deccan element – the paan martini, fennel martini and ginger martini – martinis infused with spices that are marinated in vodka. Besides, they have something more for food connoisseurs – paan and rose ice cream. While a bite melts in your mouth, one can find pieces of Benarasi paan and dried rose petals in the ice cream.

Try This

SAbu dana (saGO) PAKODAS

By Shailaja Sehgal, Homemaker

Serves 6


250 gms sabu dana (sago) 4-5 boiled potatoes 50 gms peanuts, crushed 4 tbsp cooking oil 2 green chillies, chopped Salt and black pepper to tasteῠῠῠῠῠ


Soak the sabu dana in water for four-five hours. After the sabu dana is soaked, drain the water thoroughly. Mash the boiled potatoes well. Mix the sabu dana, potatoes, crushed peanuts, chillies, salt and pepper together. Next, make into flat or round balls and deep fry it for two-three minutes till it turns golden brown.ῠGarnish with finely sliced tomatoes and green chillies. Serve the pakodas hot.

Get set for the festivities

Janamastami will be here soon and city shops have stocked up on puja accessories and idols of Balgopal and Krishna. Before the rush begins ensure that you have all the items ready for the puja.Sai Pooja Samagri in Monda Market has a wide range of mukuts for the Lord. Prices range between Rs 200 and Rs 20,000. Jhoolas are priced from Rs 150 onwards. Flutes range from Rs 30 to 400. They also have silver idols of Krishna, simhasan and silver flowers that can be offered to the lord.

Misrilal store in Secunderabad also has idols of Balgopal in myriad shapes. Prices are from Rs 150 onwards. Do check out the mini umbrellasῠ for Krishna at the store. They are priced from Rs 650 onwards.

Also check out the wide variety of aarti stands, incense holders and marble idols of Krishna in Sri Balaji Pooja Stores, on R.P. Road. The aartiῠ stands are priced from Rs 250 onwards and a copper tirtam set could cost you Rs 150. They also have dresses for the idol. Prices range from Rs 30 to Rs 300. Don’t forget to take a look at the brass lamps and bells available in this shop.

Waistcoats, ties rule party circuit

There has been an influx of sleek ties and waistcoats on the party circuit. Wondering where to get the best stuff from? We have just the right information for you. Check out Wardrobe in Banjara Hills. The store stocks an exhaustive range of casual waistcoats both for men and women. Men’s waistcoats are priced from Rs 900 onwards and women’s waistcoats range between Rs 495 and Rs 795. Also on display are casual cotton waistcoats for women. Prices are from Rs 295 onwards.

Take a look at the party waistcoats available in Vogue The V Thing in Nagarjuna Circle and Passion in Style behind Lifestyle Building. Vogue has some interesting waistcoats with kalamkari prints on satin. Party waistcoats are priced at Rs 1,695 onwards. The store also has an interesting range of sleek ties, which are definitely worth a dekko.

Free for all

Spirits were reigning high as all TV stars got together to celebrate the “youthful spirit of freedom” through dance and song. The atmosphere was very lively as the actors and singers performed on stage.

S. Sreesanth was accompanied by Mandira Bedi. The entire cast of Baa, Bahoo Aur Baby was present at the event. Also seen there were Ronit Roy, Anwesha Dasgupta and the Panchvi Pass children Shreya and Dhairya.

Dark knightsῠand divas

Classic, simple, chic – black never disappoints. It’s no wonder that Bollywood’s best choose to tread the “dark line” and carry it off with style. No matter what colour gets called the “new black”, nothing can ever take its place.


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