Arabian Night

3 Aug


THE Ziryab International Music & Arts Festival is back featuring Arab artistes from the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

To be held on Wednesday from 9pm at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the three-hour concert will see performances by Abdullah Ruweished from Kuwait, and Nawal Al-Zoughbi and Mayssam Nahas from Lebanon.

With 33 albums under his belt, Abdullah is known as “the ambassador of Gulf songs” with concerts in the United States of America and Canada, and his music conservatory in Kuwait.

With 12 albums, Nawal has acquired a solid fan base throughout the Arabic-speaking world, including parts of North America and Europe.

She has also been called “the Madonna of the Arabic world” for constantly changing her image much like the American pop diva.

As for Mayssam, she has recorded five albums, performed in Tunisia and in the World Bowling Master Championship 2006 in Kuwait, as well as various television programmes in Egypt.

This concert marks the second one in the week-long festival.

The first was held last Friday at the same venue, featuring Hussain Al-Jasmi from United Arab Emirates, and Rola Saad and Toni Qattan from Jordan, both of whom had performed here last year.

Regal Production and Entertainment Sdn Bhd director Teresa Dian Chew said the event is organised in collaboration with the Tourism Ministry.

“We aim to entertain Middle Eastern tourists who visit the country annually, especially during this period of their summer,” said Chew.

However, because of the early fasting period next month, this year’s festival has been shortened to a week compared to the festival last year which put up five concerts over two months.

Also, this year no local artistes will be performing unlike last year, which saw Mawi and Noryn Aziz entertaining as well.

“We are unable to have a concert longer than three hours, which will be the case if our artistes are also featured,” she explained.

“Both Ziryab and Malaysia understand the importance of bridging cultures, which is the main objective of the festival.”

Tickets for the concert are priced at RM150, RM200, RM250, RM350 and RM400. Call 03-2031-1703 or 03-2031-6606.


New Straits Times

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