Cinema: Wonder-Fool Action

30 Jun

Jolie plays a sexy assasin who is capable of anything.

Jolie plays a sexy assasin who is capable of anything.

WANTED directed by Timur Bekmambetov
Starring James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Terence Stamp, Angelina Jolie and Thomas Kretscschmann.

BASED on a comic book series by Mark Millar and JG Jones, Wanted is about a group of assassins known as The Fraternity who are charged with killing individuals for the greater good.

It zooms in on one seemingly insignificant person’s transformation into a “heroic” figure.

Main character Wesley Gibson (James Avoy, Atonement) is bored with his life – a living hell with a tormenting boss and promiscuous girlfriend.

Enter hot Fox (Angelina Jolie) who tells Gibson that his long-lost father was recently killed and the assassin is out to kill him too.

Although the real story revolves around Gibson, Fox seems to take over and is more dominating.

Fox and Gibson are featured in most scenes. However, it is hard not to focus more on her, especially in the fighting and action-packed scenes.

At one point, in a high-speed car chase, Fox climbs out of the driving seat only to lie down on the car, looking every bit the sexy bombshell that she is, as she tries to get rid of the chaser.

She also hops atop a subway train with feline grace and drives like a maniac!

She looks great from almost any angle so much so that at times I thought I was watching a TV commercial. Thankfully, Jolie does have some talent in acting and her sexy image goes well with the character she’s playing.

Action and stunt work are aplenty with lots of CGI effects. Watch cars vault through space, shooters bend their bullets’ trajectories and trains falling into gorges with a crunch.

But haven’t we had enough with the slow motion?

The movie’s strength lies in its techniques. Defying all the known rules of physics, biology, psychology and society, it’s absurd in a very clever sense.

Although humans can’t fly, in this flick they can do anything.

Some scenes are ridiculous and don’t make much sense. Then again, this is filmdom where everything is possible.


New Straits Times

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