Oriental Whirl: Wedding Bells In The Air

18 May

Gigi Leung turned 32 recently.

Gigi Leung turned 32 recently.

Who’s hot and in the news these days? So many stars, so limited space. Here’s my pick of the lot, depending on where my online forays take me.

– Hong Kong actors Tony Leung and Carina Lau will finally exchange rings later this year. Lau, 43, broke the news recently during a commercial appearance in the northeast Chinese city of Shenyang.

Taiwan media reported that the pair would officially announce the wedding date at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival. The pair have been dating for close to two decades. The dashing Leung was recently seen in the steamy Lust, Caution.

– If you missed this item in the mainstream Press, here’s a recap. Since March, many online stories have been circulating about the low-key wedding between Hong Kong singer-actor Leon Lai and his girlfriend, model Gaile Lok.

The wedding ceremony was apparently held in the Maldives.

Only a few close friends were invited, with one of them divulging that the couple picked Maldives as they fell in love with the romantic local scenery after visiting the place last year.

According to one report, Leon and Gaile first met a few years ago after she was invited to shoot a promo for his website. But it took a while before they fell in love, the spark ignited by their common interest in, of all things, red wine. Cheers to that!

– Singapore songbird Stefanie Sun was at a Beijing studio recently to record Stand Up, the theme song for a tribute film to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The film titled The One is about China’s first Olympian and will feature four top Chinese-speaking celebrities -Stefanie, Jackie Chan, Lee-Hom Wang and Zhang Ziyi – on its soundtrack.

It’s about sprinter Liu Changchun’s struggle to represent China at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. According to a report, the idea to form a quartet to sing the theme song came from the symbolic combination of four groups of Chinese artistes – Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland and overseas Chinese, as represented by Jackie, Wang, Zhang and Stefanie respectively.

Due to their busy schedules, they will record separately and their voices will be later spliced together in the song. Award-winning musician Shu Nan composed the musical score.

– The One Foundation Project, initiated by Chinese kungfu star Jet Li last year, has raised over 10 million yuan (RM4.5 million) in its first year, and has allocated 2.3 million yuan for relief work.

It donated 100,000 yuan for disaster relief after the Pu’er earthquake in Yunnan province last June, another 100,000 after the Shandong flooding last August, and one million yuan to a youth education programme by the Red Cross Society of China.

– Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai is taking a break from work to look after her brother, who is still recuperating from a serious car accident last year.

She said that besides being a 24-hour sister, she will also be participating in charity work.

Asked about her brother’s condition, she reveals that his recovery will take time, a hint at how serious his injuries are.

– Speaking of Gigi, I can’t help but Google for my long-time dream girl, Gigi Leung even though she has not been in the news lately. The lanky lass turned 32 on March 25. Thirty two? It seemed like only yesterday when this fresh-faced girl burst onto the entertainment scene with her saccharine-sweet hits.

Of course, as many of us know, her reputation took a hit when she got involved with Ekin Cheng. But that’s old-hat.

What raised eyebrows, if you had not read about it, was her metamorphosis into hot babe at Vaness Wu’s not-so-recent concert.

Hong Kong stars have long entertained fans by shocking them at their concerts, especially consummate performers like the late Anita Mui, – with slinky bra top, hot pants and leather boots.

– Korean star Jang Hyuk will be making a cameo appearance in the Japanese drama version of My Sassy Girl. Titled Ryokiteki na Kanojo, it stars Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Tanaka Rena. My Sassy Girl was a big hit when it made its debut in 2001 another Korean actor, Lee Wan, will also be making a cameo appearance.


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