Batik Bold And Beautiful

27 Mar

Fauziah Ahmad Daud (left) and Raja Azura.

Fauziah Ahmad Daud (left) and Raja Azura.

The red carpet is all set to be rolled out this Sunday for the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2007. DENNIS CHUA has details of the event regarded as among the most prestigious by local entertainers.

THE Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands is set to host the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2007 (ABPBH 2007), an annual award show at which leading Bahasa Malaysia daily Berita Harian honours the nation’s most popular entertainers.

The 21st ABPBH will be carried “live” on Sunday at 9pm over TV3 and on official radio station Hot FM. Zany television personalities actors Fauziah “Ogy” Ahmad Daud and Raja Azura, will be emcees once again. Coincidentally, Ogy and Azura are in the running for Most Popular Female Television Host.

Batik Glam is the dress code this year, and viewers can expect the celebrities to walk down the red carpet dressed in innovative batik creations.

The suits and dresses will be the handiwork of both veterans and newbies in fashion design including Bill Keith, Jovian Mandagie, Khairy Sufi, Michael Shu, Rizman Ruzaimi and Kenny Loh.

Awards presenters will include Akademi Fantasia host AC Mizal, Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Datuk Yusni Hamid, Erra Fazira, Hans Isaac, Diana Danielle, Iqram Dinzly, Sharifah Aleya, Fauziah Latiff, Ning Baizura, Sharifah Shahira, Nora Danish, Nurul, Estranged, Rashidi Ishak, Noryn Aziz, Anne Ngasri and Rozita Che Wan.

The reigning Most Popular Male Artiste Asmawi “Mawi” Ani and his female counterpart Datuk Siti Nurhaliza will be among the performers on Sunday evening.

Joining them are rock king Amy Search, Anuar Zain, Raja Atilia, Awie, Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan, Ella, Fasha Sandha, Liza Hanim, Meet Uncle Hussain, Ramli Sarip, Julia Ziegler, Dynas Mokhtar, Hattan, Heliza Helmi, Fouziah Gous and Bob Usop. Popular actor Jalaluddin will present his first vocal performance before a live audience.

Akademi Fantasia 6 principal Ramli MS is the event’s music director, and will lead a 40-member team of musicians.

Artistes will also pay a musical tribute to the late songwriter and actor Rosli Khamis or Loloq, who died early this year after a long illness.

Mawi has won the Most Popular Artiste title for two consecutive years. Siti won the title six times, and has been the Most Popular Female Artiste since 1996.

At last year’s event, pop king Jamal Abdillah and Mawi shared the Popular Group/Duo award. Halim Othman and Linda Onn were the Popular Male and Female Radio Presenters respectively. Linda of Era. FM has never lost in her category (which was introduced in 2001).

Rabbani defended its five-year monopoly of the Popular Nasyid Group category, effectively shutting out long-time competitor Raihan, which clinched the title during its first two years — 1999 and 2000.

Top-notch actor Rosyam Nor won the Popular TV Actor award, which he first received in 2002, and king of comedy Saiful Azam Yusoff (or Saiful Apek) took home the Popular Film Actor category.

Former Akademi Fantasia host Aznil Nawawi and Melodi host Fara Fauzana bagged the Popular Male and Female TV Presenter awards, while Apek and Apa Apa Aje host Sheila Rusly took home the Popular Male and Female Comedian awards.

The Popular New Male Artiste was Faizal Ramly, and the Popular New Female Artiste was Farawahida. Fasha Sandha won the Popular TV Actress and Popular Film Actress awards.

The legends of screen and song honoured were director Datuk Jamil Sulong, “pop yeh yeh” master Jefrydin and veteran actress Datin Umi Kalthom. They received the Special Lifetime Achievement Award (Jamil) and Special Veteran Artiste Awards (Jefrydin and Umi Kalthom).

The most coveted award, Most Popular Artiste, will win the recipient this year a Peugeot 407 worth RM185,000, jewellery worth RM150,000, and electric goods from JVC.

The event’s main sponsors are Habib Jewels Sdn Bhd and Nasim Sdn Bhd. The other sponsors are JVC Sales and Services, the Palace of the Golden Horses and Mara Liner.

Nominees for 2007

Popular TV Host (Male)
1. AC Mizal
2. Ally Iskandar
3. Aznil Nawawi
4. Azwan Ali
5. Wahid Mohamad

Popular TV Host (Female)
1. Cheryl Samad
2. Fara Fauzana
3. Fauziah Ahmad Daud
4. Raja Azura
5. Sharifah Shahira

Popular Radio Presenter (Male)
1. Aznil Nawawi (Era FM)
2. AC Mizal (Era FM)
3. Faizal Ismail (Hot FM)
4. Khairil Rashid (Sinar FM)
5. Kieran (Era FM)

Popular Radio Presenter (Female)
1. Abby Fana (Sinar FM)
2. Fara Fauzana (Hot FM)
3. Linda Onn (Era FM)
4. Nana Mahazan (Era FM)
5. Nila Kurnia (Sinar FM)

Popular Comedian (Male)
1. Afdlin Shauki
2. AC Mizal
3. Saiful Apek
4. Piee
5. Zul Yahya

Popular Comedian (Female)
1. Adibah Noor
2. Kenchana Devi
3. Raja Azura
4. Sharifah Shahira
5. Sheila Rusly

Popular New Artiste (Male)
1. Bard R1
2. Dafi Ismail
3. Diddy Muhid
4. Fiq Halim
5. Kaer Azami

Popular New Artiste (Female)
1. Farah Asyikin
2. Fouziah Ghous
3. Heliza Helmi
4. Julia Ziegler
5. Mila Jirin

Popular Nasyid Singer
1. Hijjaz
2. Inteam
3. Mirwana
4. Rabbani
5. Raihan

Popular Singer (Male)
1. Adam Mat Saman
2. Anuar Zain
3. Faizal Tahir
4. Mawi
5. Hazami

Popular Singer (Female)
1. Adibah Noor
2. Mila Jirin
3. Jaclyn Victor
4. Misha Omar
5. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Popular Group/Duo
1. Kristal
2. Jinbara
3. Misha Omar and Andy
4. Spider
5. Sofaz

Popular Film Actor
1. Afdlin Shauki
2. Pierre Andre
3. Rusdi Ramli
4. Rosyam Nor
5. Saiful Apek

Popular Film Actress
1. Erra Fazira
2. Fasha Sandha
3. Maya Karin
4. Sharifah Amani
5. Vanidah Imran

Popular TV Actor
1. Aaron Aziz
2. Arash Mohamad
3. Fahrin Ahmad
4. Rosyam Nor
5. Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan

Popular TV Actress
1. Dynaz Mokhtar
2. Eja
3. Fasha Sandha
4. Rita Rudaini
5. Rozita Che Wan

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