Baby Bliss For MediaCorp’s Biren

7 Mar

SINGAPORE: It is a case of double happiness for MediaCorp artiste Huang Biren: Not only is 7 March her birthday, the actress also became a mummy for the second time when she gave birth to a baby girl the previous day.

Nobody had expected the delivery to be so fast (less than three hours), she said in a phone call from her hospital room on Thursday.

“My husband thought he could go and get a cup of coffee, but before he could go down, the midwife said I was already fully dilated.

“I also told my mum to go home because I thought it would take about five or six hours. But by the time she went back, the baby had arrived.”

Weighing 4kg and measuring 52cm, baby Janessa Quek was born at 10.08am at Thomson Medical Centre.

According to Huang, her seven-year-old son Justin picked the name from a book of baby names she and husband Adrian Quek were reading.

“We wanted one to start with ‘J’, like Justin’s, and he came in and picked up the book and said, ‘Hey, why don’t you name her Janessa’.

“And we were like, ‘Why didn’t we think of that?’ It means ‘God is gracious’, and Justin won’t allow anybody to change the name – he’s very proud he picked it.”

No Chinese name has been picked yet, she said, because her husband “wanted to see the baby’s face first”.

The winner of the coveted My Favourite Actress Award at last year’s Star Awards 25th Anniversary Show – the first recipient of the special award – felt that this birth was special because it was so close to her own birthday.

“My son’s birthday is also in March, we are all March babies,” said an obviously happy Huang.

“We were thinking that maybe she would be born on my birthday, because she was little overdue. But she obviously wanted her own birthday.” –

Channel News Asia

One Response to “Baby Bliss For MediaCorp’s Biren”

  1. Francis Yeo July 27, 2010 at 12:25 PM #

    Congrats on your “perfect” pair!
    I have 2 bouncy and naughty boys – 9 & 6 yrs old!
    Drop me a line if we are still friends…??? I still treasure our “childhood days”!

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